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Decor Walther Lighting

The German manufacturer Decor Walther started out in 1973 as small traders in brass handles and door fittings back then.

And then they discovered the bathroom theme. Decor Walther contributed to this developing the market beautiful bathroom accessories. With the Lion in their brand name, they strive for the beautiful things in life, every day. Because DW always want to be that much better, that much more perfect. Right down to the details. Because what’s beautiful can simply become more beautiful, and even just perfect. Perhaps perfection in itself is real beauty.

Meanwhile, DW will never forget our origins, not even for a second and listens to what their trading partners want from DW. The trading partners of Decor Walter does inspire with new ideas and thoughts. Such as good designers, good craftsmen and, of course, good architects. In a nutshell – that’s for what Decor Walter is standing for.