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Contemporary chandeliers are—quite simply—works of art. Interior Deluxe offers these gorgeous lighting fixtures in a vast array of styles, colors, and shapes to fit your home. The artistic craftsmanship that goes into every detail is immediately apparent and instantly breathtaking. Find the perfect pieces to suit your personality amongst our selection, and make a statement. 

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Many years back, contemporary chandeliers were more like candle holders. Also chandeliers were seen only in grand palaces and luxurious villas. The common man was unable to afford it and the designs were too bulky to be accommodated in an average home. Since chandeliers and grand interiors go hand in hand, everyone has a secret desire to have this beautiful piece of art in their home too. These have definitely made this dream come true. They not only fit the budget of most people but also can fit well in the regular homes too. You can choose from the attractive series of these vibrant lights to add to the décor of your home.

There are many different types of modern chandeliers that can add to the beauty of your indoors as well as outdoors. Yes, you heard it right. There are outdoor chandeliers that can add to the beauty of your garden. These are designed to withstand the outdoor weather and hence are stronger than the elegant indoor chandeliers. You could choose from the various ochre shades to match with any kind of décor. You can hang these and can plug them in for use or attach a hard wire to it. Most of these include all the hardware necessary for mounting them.

Another variety of chandeliers is the tiffany ones. These are very affordable as they include glass pieces in various colors and crystals to add to the beauty. These decorative pieces go perfectly well with wooden interiors. If you are looking out for a more royal or old world feel, then you can choose from the various Victorian chandeliers that are available in the market these days. They are also known as Retro chandeliers due to their classy rustic styling. They will obviously blend well with your Victorian style furniture and also with any other theme to add to the grandeur.

If you are looking at little different theme which combines the chandeliers with a contemporary design, then the contemporary chandeliers are a good choice. These are ideal for small spaces and can be used in hallways too. Their compact yet chic designs are their biggest draws. Hence they have become more popular these days. One of our bestselling chandeliers in this section is the Cellula chandelier from Anthologie Quartett. These come in different types of frames and structures too. The most preferred are the metal or bronze frame chandeliers as they last long. People these days want value for money and hence these frames work well for most people.

Chandeliers are more popular among people who want a vintage look. Here is one example. They have two separate pieces of wood stuck together well and then fixed on a light piece. This makes them look all the more attractive. You can use these in many different ways. You can use only the chandelier to light your living room for a party or just dim the lights to give a candle light feeling in the room. Most chandeliers come with different types of adjustment and levels of lighting. They will accentuate the look of your dining room too and hence can be placed anywhere in the home.