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CMD Lighting

Creative Metal Design Lighting was established in 2000 in Germany. Though relatively new in comparison to other well known companies in the lighting industry the company has managed to garner a formidable international reputation for itself. The company has built its reputation by producing high quality stainless steel indoor and outdoor lighting solutions for private residences and commercial establishments.

The company launched its first collection of lights in 2001 and since then has introduced many collections to appreciative audiences and critics around the world. All the light fittings of the company are made in Germany. The company creates designs that improve the lives of the customers by adding beauty to their establishments. The light fittings of company are of high quality both in beauty and durability. The company employs about 50 people and nurtures their talents to result in the success of the collections and subsequently the company. 

The portfolio of the company consists of an impressive list of various light fittings. The light fittings produced by the company range from table lamps, floor lamps to house number lights. The company produces light fittings both in stainless steel and powder coated variety. The stainless steel lights of the company have been extremely popular with customers because they can withstand a variety of weathers from rainy to humid weather.

The stainless steel lights of the company are produced using advanced technology right from the manufacturing of the stainless steel to the production of the light fittings. The stainless steel lights provide an innovative and durable way to brighten up your indoor and outdoor areas.

The powder coated lights of the company were introduced in 2003 and has since been featuring in the catalogues due to popular demand by the customers. The powder coated light fittings of the company are made from the best materials available and the glass shades of the light fittings have been given a satin finish to produce an effect of diffused illumination.

The company employs an impressive list of designers and designer studios from all over Europe to produce collections that have wowed audiences every time they were showcased. The company regularly features in top fairs and festivals of the lighting industry to judge the reactions of customers to upcoming collections of the company. The company has also recently adopted the green initiative to introduce LED bulbs to its light fittings.

Creative Metal Design Lighting in the last decade has managed to garner a formidable international reputation which is bound to increase in the years to come. The company sources its materials from the best companies located in Europe to maintain the high standards of quality which earned its reputation of being the best. The company also endeavors to develop and research new methods of production and materials to make their products energy efficient and environment friendly. The manufacturing processes of the company are regularly updated to produce uniform high quality light fittings that are built to last for at least a decade. The processes are also updated to be able to accommodate the customizations ordered by customers even at a short notice.