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Cecilie Manz

Cecilie Manz's has done her utmost to develop designs that do not steal attention from the light, but ensure that function always prevails. One of her creative thought about the light is that the design should never receive greater focus than the light itself. This positive conviction stems from her upbringing in a creative environment of artists and craftsmen.
Her interest in design and materials brought her to Danmarks Designskole (the Danish School of Design), where she studied a curriculum of furniture and implements. Her determination to explore function and ability to think conceptually was sharpened further during a period of study in Helsinki. Today in her own design studio, Cecilie Manz strives to combine conceptualism with the Danish penchant for durable materials and sublime, craftsman-like finish.
An innovative aspiration and sense of detail express themselves in Cecilie Manz's lighting designs for Lightyears. As she puts it, new products should either be innovative and rejuvenating, or offer improvement, in order to earn recognition.