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Carpyen Lighting

The fine manufacturer Carpyen Lighting started in 1954 in Spain as a family business and today has grown into a business with international recognition. Founded by Antonio Carpintero and Encamacian the company was established to provide more than just lighting to its customers. Roberto Capintero joined the duo twenty years later to provide a dynamic change in the way the company designed its light fittings. Pascual Salvador and Gabriel Teixido later joined the company to provide valuable insights into the contemporary collections planned by the company. 

The company today with such eminent designers has an impressive portfolio of light fittings which includes clip-on lights, wall mounted lights, table lamps, floor lamps, spotlights, suspension lights, pendant lights and outdoor lighting. The Airo collection of the company hence has been applauded as a design that has taken into consideration the changing tastes of the customers towards minimalistic designs and the fact that the design is much beyond its time.

Hence the designers and the company became famous because they produced collections that were not just beautiful but also timeless in design and durability. The lamps of the company hence are produced to last at least a decade. The Airo collection is a family of matching lights consisting of table lamps and floor lamps.

The lights of this collection are flexible allowing the user to adjust the height and distance from the area to be illuminated. Hence the lamps of this collection are perfect for use over work stations and your favorite armchair to relax and read or finish your weekend crossword puzzle.

Gala collection has been an all time favorite at fairs and festivals of the lighting industry. Available in two finishes of lead and gold with a metallic polish the lamps of this collection have featured for many seasons on the catalogues of the company. The Gala collection is a family of matching lights consisting of table lamps, floor lamps and wall mounted lamps. The lamp shades are made of three concentric circles which fit into each other to form a cascading lamp shade. The customer can also order multi colored shades to match the décor of the residence or commercial establishment.

The company encourages its customers to challenge its designing and manufacturing teams with customizations and takes pride in the fact that the teams have never failed to not only meet the expectations but surpass every expectation of the customers.

The light fittings of the company feature at top hotels and restaurants like the Hyatt Regency, Queensland, Intercontinental, London, Sheraton, Sydney and Hilton, Paris. The company hence regularly features in events of the lighting industry to introduce upcoming light fittings collections to customers. The company also sells and distributes its products through a close network of sales agents and representatives located in 50 different countries.

With nearly seven decades of experience the company has experienced a meteoric rise to being one of the most popular lighting companies in Europe. The Carpyen Lighting is bound to retain its coveted position for many years to come with its contemporary and innovation collections.