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Bruno Rainaldi

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Bruno Rainaldi formed himself in the field, starting at a very young age to work in furniture design communication. Ironically he called himself a “sidewalk designer” and his style “rigorously chaotic”.

He manages Milan’s first High-Tech store in Carso di Porta Ticinese, flanks Maddalena De Padova in the historic showroom in Carso venezia and then Enrico Baleri, as partner of Baleri & Associati defining communication strategies for design companies and points of sale. He founded rare Studio – of which he is the soul and the creative director – and begins his first collaborations as artictic director/designer for several Italian design companies such as Alivar,MDF, Mussi Italy, Sintesi. Then Terzani, Slam, Casprini,Annibale Colombo,Bilumen, David Medrano and Dilmos, up to the most recent project Opinion Ciatti.