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Bover Lighting

The fine Spanish Brand Bover Lighting was established to create and enhance the beauty of light fittings. Based out of the Mediterranean region of Europe the company has established itself as the market leader of light fittings which have wowed audiences with every collected that they have released. The company began with the basic principle of transforming light into spectacles of joy that not only added beauty to the décor of the establishment but also added comfort and elegance to the lives of the company’s customers.

The company employs an impressive list of designers and design studios whose creative and innovative designs have won the company prestigious contracts to provide lighting solutions to major establishments like luxury hotels, restaurants and top corporate offices. The light fittings of the company add visual appeal to the décor and architecture of the buildings. The company boasts of popular designers like Joana Bover, Miquel Llach and Jordi Llopis amongst many other top designers.

The company has also nurtured its important asset that is its people. This principle of nurturing its employees and providing absolute creative freedom to its designers has resulted in the meteoric rise of the company to the pinnacle in the lighting industry. The company employs about 60 people who manage the designing, production and marketing of the company’s light fittings.

The manufacturing team of the company is also constantly involved in research and development of the latest manufacturing techniques which are environment friendly and can accommodate the customizations requested by customers in a very short notice. The manufacturing processes of the company maintain the top quality standards to provide uniform light fittings across all the markets.

The company’s portfolio boasts of a vast variety of lighting from pendant lights, ceiling lights, wall mounted lights, table lamps, floor lamps to outdoor lighting. The Avani Garnde designed by Joana Bover has been the most popular collection of the company especially with hotels and restaurants. The collection is a family of matching lights which includes table lamps, floor lamps, wall mounted lights and outdoor lighting.

The lamps of this collection comprise of an exquisite design that is both delicate and timeless. The lamps shades are made of textured glass and can be requested in a variety of colors to suit the décor needs of the establishment. The lamp shades are fitted to graphite brown iron stand. The lamps in this collection come in twin pieces but customers are free to select single pieces of order for customized lights that have three or more shades.

The company has been in the lighting industry for quite some time now and in a short span of time it has earned itself a formidable international presence. The company regularly features in the top fairs and festivals of the lighting industry. The company uses these events to showcase its upcoming collections to judge the customer response. The company has also introduced LED lighting in the last fair it attended to keep up the changing needs of the environment.