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Bedside Lighting

 Proper Bedside Lighting - Q&A

1 - What is Bedside lighting?

Not only intended for sleeping, the bedroom is your very own personal space where you choose your outfit, get dressed and even re-group every evening after a long day of meetings, phone calls, emails, etc. The evening is often used to wind down. Therefore, the last thing you want is harsh lighting gleaming down on you causing irritability.

That is why it is so very important to ensure the right lighting is chosen to ensure your comfortability, not to mention your mood. Lighting can effect your mind, behavior, and ultimately your productivity. Whether you are a minimalist, functionalist or modernist, bedside light fixtures plays an important role in your overall mentality.

2 - How much wattage (LED Power) do I need in my bedroom?

To figure how much wattage a bedroom requires, we must first understand how light is measured. An online calculator can assist in solving the scientific equation, which involves lumens, lux, and footcandle, depending on the metric system used. Lumen is the total illumination the source gives, Lux is how much light there is over a given surface area, and footcandle is an additional metric system sometimes preferred. One lux/footcandle is equal to one lumen per square meter.

Step 1: Number of Lux needed. For example, using lux metric system, 1 lx = 1 lm/m2, bedroom reading would require 431 lux.

Step 2: Number of lumens needed. For example, let’s say our bedroom is 5m x 4m, multiply, to get an area of 20 square meters. To get the number of Lumens, 20 x 431 = 8620 lumens

Step 3: Work how many bulbs are required. For example, ambient lighting vs. task lighting. Simply divide the number of lumens by the number of lumens each bulb delivers.

Additional factors that affect the amount of light a bedroom requires includes color shade, the height of ceiling, objects, amount and wastage.

3 - Why is it important to avoid glare when reading in the bed?

How much light you need in a bedroom is always personal preference. However, it’s beneficial to minimize the amount of light used. When possible, natural light is always preferred. Being mindful of how well we distribute light should also be taken into consideration.

Halos and glare are often culprits derived from light. The symptoms are not only uncomfortable but disabling. Glare, when not mindful, can hurt your vision. When light shatters through your eye, sharp images are impossible to make out. In turn, the loss of contrast is worse in dim light, making it nearly impossible to see in dim lighting.

For bedtime readers, it would be wise to invest in a proper bedside reading lamp to avoid common eye problems due to bad lighting.

4 - What do I have to watch out for when selecting a bedside reading lamp?

We have mentioned that choosing the right bedroom lighting plays a major role in your overall productivity. Whether it is reading, writing, or just mental preparation for the next day, your bedside lighting says a lot about who you are.

When selecting bedside reading lamps, there are a few guidelines to heed. For example, taking the height of your night stand into consideration will save you heartache. A switch should be from 21 o 30 inches, the approximate arm's length. Shorter table taller lamp and vice versa. Mounted illumination versions are great to keep a clutter free area. For smaller space bedside the bed, chandeliers may work better as well as floor lamps. Remember to scale everything to size. For example, regardless of size, a bed is a huge object, and tiny beside lamps would be difficult to justify the balance of the room.

Bedside reading lamps come in all shape, sizes, and functionalities. It can prove to be an overwhelming project, but there is always help where one seeks help. There are a number of wonderful online guides and services ready and wiling to help. A simple search will produce great results.

5 - Why should I use LED lighting by the bed? Please write about the advantages of LED lighting. Less heat, longevity, etc.

There are many benefits of LED lighting. For example, the number one appeal of LED lighting is that it features optimized life time expectations. As opposed to standard lighting, LED lighting does not burn out or stop working. It only dims as its life expectancy output as lasted beyond a long period. LED lighting is a better energy efficient option as well. Your wallet will thank you when you receive the energy bill. Do the earth a favor and invest in LED lighting, which is much more eco-friendly compared to mercury made standard lighting. LED lighting is totally recycled because it contains no toxic materials.

Furthermore, LED illumination creates very little infrared light and close to zero UV emissions. This helps reduce heat and makes it suitable for good and materials sensitive to radiated heat emissions. In extremely cold and hot temperatures, LED lighting has also proven to be the ideal light fixture for optimal operational efficiency.

The extreme flexible of LED lighting has made it that much more appealing in achieving powerful design features. A well-crafted LED illumination system can achieve incredible lighting effects, not only for the eye but also for the mood and the mind as well. The fact that LEDs can be turned on/off many times without affecting its lifetime or light emission. Lastly, LEDs can run on a low-voltage power supply, which is a big advantage when it comes to LED related technology.

These are just a few advantages and benefits. For more information visit:

6 - What are some recommended products for Bedside lighting?

Top recommendations for investing in effective and efficient bedside illumination come from Interior Deluxe:

Product No: 000989, is the De Majo Bell A1 wall sconce. The chrome metal finish gives it a modern spin and the stained white glass gives it a crips clean color. Price $456.00. Visit:

Product No: 001597, is the Zed wall sconce, which uses fiber optics and provides two light sources for optional lighting. The Flexible metal arm moves for personalization satisfaction. Price $655.00. Visit:

Product No: 0001970, is the Metric Wall Sconce, which provides direct lighting and a modern take on lamps. Price $780.00. Visit:

Product No: 019808, is the Male Line Recessed Light Ll 10/267A-52, a very sleek option for the minimalist. The lamp features glass diffusers in opaque white or transparent. Price $406.80. Visit:

Product No: 003685, is the Lifto LED table lamp, which features a gas spring, enabling it to move in any desired position. The two-step switch and diverse attachment options are perfect for business or pleasure inducing environments. Price $801.00. Visit:

Product No: 003089, is the Tolomeo wall spot wall sconce, which is a fan favorite. This wall mounted fixture is great for adjustable direct and indirect incandescent lighting. The diffuser is fully adjustable, rotatable and tiltable. Price $175.00. Visit:

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