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  • Table lamp 6514/1 from Holtkotter | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Table lamp 6514/1

    $ 458.00

    The 6514/1 table lamp is designed by Holtkotter. This modern table lamp adds style and versatility to virtually any decor. This lamp has a full ran...

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  • Sphera T Table Lamp

    from $ 356.00

    The Sphera T table lamp from Leucos is designed by Matteo Thun. This lamp with satin white blown glass diffuser is available in 3 sizes. A slightly...

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  • Grashoppa Table Lamp from Gubi | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Grashoppa Table Lamp

    $ 595.00

    The Grashoppa Task Table Lamp is a sophisticated design that is both elegant and practical. The tubular brass stand is mounted on a brass base whil...

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  • Cubi S 11 Pendant Light

    from $ 361.00

    The Cubi S 11 Pendant Light from Leucos has been designed by Leucos Design Lab. The Cubi is composed of a white satin-finished diffuser made of lay...

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  • Beat Fat Brass Pendant Light from Tom Dixon | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Beat Fat Brass Pendant Light

    Tom Dixon
    $ 575.00

    This elegantly crafted pendant light has been designed and manufactured by Tom Dixon. Beat Fat Brass Pendant Light is simply inspired by tradition...

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  • Plane Round Pendant Light from Tom Dixon | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Plane Round Pendant Light

    Tom Dixon
    $ 460.00

    Plane Round Pendant Light has been designed by Tom Dixon and manufactured in London. This fixture features simplicity and elegant look in brass pla...

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  • IC Lights S Pendant Light from Flos | Modern Lighting + Decor

    IC Lights S Pendant Light

    from $ 695.00

    The IC Lights S Pendant Light from Flos is a case study in balance. After watching a video clip contact juggler, designer Michael Anastassiades was...

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  • Grashoppa Pendant Light from Gubi | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Grashoppa Pendant Light

    $ 375.00

    The Grashoppa shade is fixed with a brass tube and brass fittings on the top. For mountings on the ceiling, the pendant is equipped with a steel br...

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  • 6263 Shaded Table Lamp from Holtkotter | Modern Lighting + Decor

    6263 Shaded Table Lamp

    $ 338.00

    The 6263 Shaded Table Lamp was designed and made in Germany by Holtkotter. This beautiful fixture is equipped with a low/high/off switch. The fabri...

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  • 6238 Table lamp from Holtkotter | Modern Lighting + Decor

    6238 Table lamp

    from $ 498.00

    The table lamp 6238/1 is designed by Holtkotter. Versatile and adjustable in three places, this table lamp has a dimmer to provide optimum lighting...

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  • Yanzi S1 Pendant Light from Artemide | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Yanzi S1 Pendant Light

    $ 1,890.00

    The Yanzi S1 Suspension Lamp has been designed by Neri&Hu from Artemide. Our light proposal pays homage to both the urban and the natural, the ...

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  • Plane Triangle Pendant Light from Tom Dixon | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Plane Triangle Pendant Light

    Tom Dixon
    $ 460.00

    Designed by Tom Dixon, this Plane Triangle Pendant Light features simplicity in its geometry. The basic silhouettes are made from a brass plated st...

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  • Neil Pendant Light from Delightfull | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Neil Pendant Light

    from $ 5,566.00

    Neil Pendant Light features spherical diffusers and round arcs with 8 arms and adjustable heads. This versatile piece is a wonderful addition for b...

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  • Monolith Table Lamp from Sonneman | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Monolith Table Lamp

    $ 420.00

    The Monolith Table Lamp by Sonneman has been designed by Robert Sonneman. Monolith Table Lamp features a sleek strong column that terminates by its...

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  • Moai Large Pendant Light from Seed Design | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Moai Large Pendant Light

    Seed Design
    $ 530.00

    The Moai Pendant Lamp uses a large Glass shade to uniquely reflect light from its teardrop-shaped lamp holder to create the glow of egg shape in th...

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  • Melt Copper Pendant Light from Tom Dixon | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Melt Copper Pendant Light

    Tom Dixon
    $ 1,100.00

    Tom Dixon a renowned British designer in collaboration with Swedish radical design collective FRONT, creating Melt collection which takes their exp...

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  • Jojo LED Pendant Light from Seed Design | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Jojo LED Pendant Light

    Seed Design
    $ 360.00

    With an adjustable height shade inspired by the movement of a yo-yo, the Jojo pendant is a traditional shape with modern sensibilities. Lit with an...

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  • Hanover Banquette Table Lamp from Sonneman | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Hanover Banquette Table Lamp

    $ 390.00

    The Hanover Banquette Table Lamp by Sonneman has been designed by Robert Sonneman. Hanover Banquette Lamp is a masterfully sophisticated transitio...

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  • Etch  Brass Pendant Light 32 cm from Tom Dixon | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Etch Brass Pendant Light 32 cm

    Tom Dixon
    $ 550.00

    Etch Shade Brass Pendant Light is extraordinarily inspired by the logic of pure mathematics. Etch collection is digitally manufactured, employing a...

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  • Etch  50 Brass Pendant Light from Tom Dixon | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Etch 50 Brass Pendant Light

    Tom Dixon
    $ 1,400.00

    Etch Shade 50 Brass Pendant Light has been designed by Tom Dixon. The shade is digitally manufactured by employing an industrial process used to pr...

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  • Cloche Short Pendant Light from Sonneman | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Cloche Short Pendant Light

    $ 320.00

    The Cloche Short Pendant light resides comfortably in the most contemporary or seasoned surroundings. Cloche has the ability to thrive in variety o...

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  • Beat Stout Brass Pendant Light from Tom Dixon | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Beat Stout Brass Pendant Light

    Tom Dixon
    $ 1,353.00

    Beat Stout Brass Pendant Light has been designed by Tom Dixon. This fixture features a spun brass shade with hand beaten interior and finished with...

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  • 6506 Mini Table lamp from Holtkotter | Modern Lighting + Decor

    6506 Mini Table lamp

    $ 298.00

    The 6506 Mini Table Lamp was designed and made by Holtkotter of Germany. This charming little table lamp is equipped with a 60W Xenon bulb and a lo...

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  • Sphera S 37 Pendant Light

    from $ 588.00

    Sphera 37 Pendant Light is a collection of pendants with white blown glass diffuser. It is a single light source that brings ambiance and warmth to...

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Bedroom Lighting - Q&A

1. What are the current interior and lighting trends in bedroom interiors and which role does lighting play?

Today’s bedrooms are trending toward a mix of soft, neutral pastels mixed with natural elements such as furry deer hide throws, large pieces of branches with bark intact and reclaimed wood shaped into chevrons for full-wall headboards. Even when traditional floral wallpaper designs are used, they have a new twist to soften them such as using a grey-toned background or using the pattern sparingly by framing it with trim to create large-scale picture frames. However, the way that bedroom lighting fits in is by being extremely practical while blending in with the other colors and themes being used in the room but giving a subtle bit of drama. 

For example, you may have noticed that bedside lights in interior design magazines over the past year are often slightly different than the traditional use of bedside lamps because pendant lights are used instead. Adding to this, the pendant lights are mounted to the ceiling several feet above the bedside table with rigid piping or free-hanging, rope-style options. This creates a kind of framing for the bed area to create a boxed-in and subtle, yet dramatic, effect while still being efficient lighting. 

2. How much wattage do I need when reading in bed?

When you are attempting to avoid eyestrain but want to read in bed as much as possible, the usual advice is 40 to 60 watts for a traditional Light bulb. It is also recommended that the lamp is between your head and the page. Finally, to cut glare, a non-transparent shade on the lamp can be helpful. Alternatively, for using computers or devices in bed, the ideal is 60 watts. Of course, if you are having problems with the lighting when you are reading in bed, switching between halogen, LED or incandescent light bulbs may provide solutions.

3. How many lumens do I need in my bedroom?

Determining the number of lumens you will need for a bedroom depends on how it is being used. For bedrooms that include a computer desk area, separate lighting in the form of a chandelier, desk lamp or wall mounted moveable arm lamp can be used. Otherwise, the total lumens required for a room exclusively used for sleeping is usually 20 to 30 lumens per square foot. Interestingly, some studies have shown that brighter lights can interfere with the circadian rhythms that help you get a sound night’s sleep. To create the sleepiest environment, stick to the lower end of the lumen level.

4. What types of bedroom lighting fixtures are there?

When interior designers are hired for a renovation project, it pays to know the industry lingo. For bedrooms, lights are grouped around key areas or an idea. For example, a mood light for the floor is specifically designed to create a psychological effect. Regardless, most bedroom lighting is categorized around the practical area of the room it illuminates. 

Bedside lighting - In addition to lamps, there are several swing-arm models that mount to the wall. Ceiling-mounted, low-hanging pendant lights are also a popular trend for bedside lighting.

Lights for dressers and sideboards - These lights are practical for creating a degree of luxury in the bedroom, but they can also be used by the early riser that gets up before their bedroom partner. Along with mounted sconces, track or recessed lighting is common for dressers and sideboards.

Lighting for window board - When you have a large windowsill, decorating it with the right lighting can produce exquisite results. In addition to tabletop lamps, recessed lighting can produce soft lighting in lieu of sunlight.

Moonlight for the floor - Although most lighting is practical or decorative, some lighting is more like a piece of free-standing artwork. In other words, to create a splash in a bedroom that needs one extra bit of flair, a carefully selected moonlight is ideal.

5. Why should I use LED lighting in my bedroom?

One of the main reasons that LED lighting is promoted is due to the environmentally friendly advantages. The other advantage is LED light bulbs do not produce a lot of residual heat. Despite this, not all LED light bulbs are one-size-fits-all. Instead, choosing the correct wattage and working with the interior designer on a number of lumens you are comfortable with are extremely important to create the effects you desire.

6. What are some recommended products for modern bedroom lighting?

When you are considering a renovation or an update, there are a few ideas that are trending for bedroom lighting. Despite this, there are several standards that all of the trends evolve out of. Below, a few of the trending products are listed with their particular advantages and practical applications for usage in the bedroom.

Mini wall sconces - New designs in this area of bedroom lighting include using the swinging-arm desk lamp mounted on the wall for use as a mini wall sconce. For example, the Tolomeo design from Artemide is common as a free-standing desk lamp, but also comes wired to be used as a wall sconce. 

Shaded table lamp - This classic has been through so many eras of interior design because it is incredibly practical. Nevertheless, there are a few twists on this style of lamp that are found in the Tolomeo shaded table lamp design from Artemide. In particular, the choices of parchment or soft gray shades are the latest colors, but the articulated swing-arm is detailed in a way that makes it stand out from mass-produced models.

Pendant Lighting - Traditional pendant lights were often composed of similar cords, rope wires, and shades, but today’s pendant lighting looks more like a free-hanging lampshade. For example, the Formosa C1 pendant light from Anton Angeli has soft, flowing shapes to the shade and the colors allow for an artistic look in a bedroom.


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