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Bath and Vanity Lights

Bath & Vanity Lighting: Tips to Get It Right

Bathrooms have come a long way from simply being a utilitarian space in your house. It has now transformed into that of luxury and comfort. To achieve the right look and functionality, one has to stay updated with the latest design elements and styles.

Bath and Vanity Lighting - Q&A

1 - What are the current bathroom trends and which role does lighting play in it?

Stay on track about latest trends by incorporating these fundamentals into your bathroom renovation plan:

- Wood: Introduce natural warmth and eternal style to your bathroom by using timber to your aesthetic advantage. You can use the material in artistic ways to make it look minimalistic yet modish.

- Cool Tones: Cool color choices have the most calming effect in a bathroom. Using blue and green hues with a pop of white will elevate the space. You can also add a touch of metallic tones or team it with wooden accents to make it look edgier.

- Patterns: Geometric tiles have been very popular for its timeless appeal and creativeness. When in doubt, choose the classic herringbone style for a fashionable and unique look. You can also add more color to match with the neutral palette.

- Earthy designs: bringing in some natural tones by adding stone to your vanity tops or feature walls can uplift the design. Matching different materials give a certain kind of visual appeal that makes the bathroom appear more relaxing.

- Spatial planning: comfort and elegance aside, the first thing about latest bathroom trends is functionality. Avoid cluttering the space by overdoing it. Stick to minimal design and planning your space in such a way that the things that you do not need immediately can be tucked away.

Role of bathroom lighting

A bathroom design will never be complete unless it is paired with matching ambient light. Bathroom lighting can play a huge role in making or breaking a place. Everywhere you use a light in your bathroom has a functionality and are meant to be brighter to make your task easy. When choosing vanity lights, always stick to cooler tones so that you can mimic the actual daylight.

While choosing the lighting fixtures, keep ambient and task lights in your mind. The idea is to pick the ones that are closest to the natural light.

2 - How much wattage (LED Power) do I need in bathroom applications?

If you are lighting the master bathrooms in your home, use fixtures that provide 75 and 100 watts' light. A fluorescent LED light can be anything between 20-25 watts' worth of brightness to work as a task light. Task light in the powder room can be up to 45 watts. Lower wattage provides relaxing soft illumination for the guests. You can always adjust the lighting to suit the best color temperature based on your needs with the help of a dimmer.

3 - How many lumens do I need in my bathroom?

Lumen is a unit that measures light and determines how much light you will get in the intended area. There is no correct answer to identify the exact number of lumens you will need as it depends on the bathroom size, height of the ceiling, types of lamps or fixtures, color scheme, and task areas. As a standard, a bathroom requires 500-600 lumens per sqm for ambient light and 700-800 lumens for task light.

4 - What types of bath and vanity lighting fixtures are there?

Considering the utility of a bathroom today, vanity lights play an integral role in a well-lit space.

- Surround bathroom mirrors with lights: regular modern bath lighting will not be enough for grooming and beauty-related tasks. In fact, lighting from the top can create unflattering shadows and lines while putting on makeup or shaving. You need fixtures like Vanity Slim LED Bath Bar or vertical sconces such as Silja Wall Sconce; Tubo Slim 18-inch LED Panel Wall Sconce to flank your bathroom mirror with ample lighting. If you cannot fix appropriate lighting by the side of the mirror, you can also consider installing one on top of the mirror to make up for a task light.

- Mimic daylight in your bathroom: The lighting in the bathroom should be as natural as it can be. It will help you get the true color of your makeup, hair, and clothes as visible in natural light. The bulbs with a color temperature between 2700K and 3000K make up for perfect task lighting. Box 80 Wall Sconces and Box 120 Wall Sconce are great options for vanity lighting due to their even distribution of light.

- Ceiling Lighting: Ceiling lights play an important role in modern bath lighting. Options like Saba Ceiling Light, designed by Studio Tecnico Vetreria Vistosi, is handcrafted and provides excellent lighting as well as aesthetic appeal to the bathroom. If you need a contemporary touch with a softer glow, you can install Drop 1 Ceiling Light that has the unique design and can disperse light for any space.

5 - Why should I use LED lighting in my bathroom?

Bathroom LED lights are a great choice because they work at low voltage levels and can be used near water safely. These environment-friendly lights can also be adjusted for brightness. You can use a dimmer to increase or decrease the illumination as per the task you are doing.

LED lights are also extremely versatile, which means you can match its color to suit your décor or even mood. These durable lights are pocket-friendly due to their long life. They can also reduce the energy bills by up to 70%.

6 - What are some recommended products for Modern Vanity Lighting?

Here are some highly recommended modern vanity lighting options.

- Vanity Slim LED Bath Bar: This stylish LED light designed by Sonneman is the perfect source of illumination and provides neat and uniform lighting. You can install this slender 1.5" light bar vertically by the mirror to provide sufficient task lighting. Equipped with an optical diffuser, this light comes in chrome finish which fits perfectly in a modern bathroom décor. There is also an additional Lutron electronic low voltage dimmer that allows you to change the lighting brightness as per your needs and mood.

- Basic strip wall sconce: This Artemide basic wall sconce has been designed to perfection by Ron Rezek. This modern light is best suited for mirror applications because of its linear fluorescent illumination. With its white powder coated finish, this wall sconce can easily grace any modern design bathroom. There are two variants available in these wall sconces – white with white end caps and aluminum with a chrome end caps. The functional design is not only practical but also displays the highest level of aesthetics that can suitably illuminate any urban area.

- Stiletto 24-Inch LED Bath Bar: Designed by Robert Sonneman of Sonneman Lights, this bath bar has a minimalistic design that delivers warm, even LED illumination through its 24-inch narrow frosted acrylic shade. This light can be positioned to suit your need by sliding up and down on a wall plate. The name Stiletto is ideal for this sleek, ultra-modern light with the white satin finish. It is also available in satin black, bright satin and aluminum finish. You can also choose the one with a dimmer to adjust the brightness as per your requirements.

- Plaster Cube Square Wall Light: Plaster Cube Square light is a modern up/down light that comes in a clear design and can be mounted horizontally as well as vertically. This light has been devised with an objective of providing ambient lighting. It comes with sandpaper in the packaging that allows you to strip down the light's exterior of its original shade and paint it same as the wall color to blend subtly into the environment, creating aesthetic harmony between the fixture and the wall. Available in modern pendants, sconces, recessed lighting and pendants, Plaster Series are designed to let the light be the source of attraction and not the fixture itself. It can be used in a refined commercial setting or a residential bedroom/bathroom ecosystem.

- Slim Set wall light: Designed by Christoph Steinemenn for Benelux, the Slim Set Wall Light is made up of aluminum and is available in four different sizes. It's simplistic, yet chic design won the esteemed Red Dot Award. This slim light has the elegant appeal and the benefit of low energy use, making it not only attractive but also affordable. This fitting comes with an on/off setting.

Puzzle AP3/PL3: Designed by Studio Italia Design, this wall and ceiling light is as much a fixture as it is a puzzle. Its modern design is made up of straight metallic plates with coinciding square/rectangle plates to create an accent light. You can choose from a single square design or overlapping rectangular/square design. These lights can be fixed in different positions to create different effects. It is ideal for bathroom lighting use or a bedroom accent light.