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Baltensweiler Lighting

Baltensweiler Lighting is located in Ebikon on the picturesque border of Lucerne, Switzerland. The company undertakes all the processes associated with the manufacturing of light fittings under this one roof of the headquarters. The company produces approximately about 100 to 1000 units of each design created by the designers of the company.

The company employs an impressive list of designers and design studios from all across the world. Hence the designs of the company are visible in major establishments across many countries. The designs created by the designers of the company have taken inspiration from nature, folklore of different cultures and ancient traditions of various communities.
The portfolio of the company consists of various types of light fittings. The company produces table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights, wall mounted lights and suspension lights. The collections of the company have featured in major fairs and festivals of the lighting industry and have earned rave reviews from customers and critics. The collections of the company have also won many prestigious awards due to the creativity and beauty combined with the efforts of the designers to take something as basic and simple as illumination beyond its functionality of providing just illumination.

The designs created by the company have been appreciated world over because the designs are made to improve the lives of the users and not just provide illumination for working or reading. The most popular collection of the company has been the Halo collection. The designers of the company have taken the simple halo reflector to produce lamps of high artistic quality and beauty. The Halo collection is a family of matching lights comprising of wall mounted lights, table lamps, floor lamps and suspension lights. The biggest advantage of the Halo collection is the flexibility of the light fittings.

The designers have given a modern twist to age-old halo reflector to produce lights whose height can be adjusted. The design of the lights in this collection has been kept extremely playful. The height of the all the lamps can be adjusted and is counterbalanced with weights. The design of the lamps incorporates a steel cord which is joined to an acrylic pulley which allows the user to adjust the height of the lamp with just one finger.

Other popular collections include the Pina/Pino collection. This is also a collection of matching lights which includes table lamps, floor lamps, suspension lights and wall mounted lamps. The lamps of this collection consist of an articulated arm which has a small light source so that the arm can be adjusted without any friction. This seamless functionality of the lamps allows them to be conveniently used for reading and working in workstations.

The company regularly showcases its products and upcoming collections to customers and critics. Many collections of the company have been popular to be featured regularly for six seasons. The company also distributes and sells its products through a close network of sales agents all over Europe and 20 other countries.

The Baltensweiler Lighting is sure to stun and awe audiences for more years to come with their exquisite collections.