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Arturo Alvarez

The fine Spanish company Arturo Alvarez encourages its customers to provide their customizations that challenge the designers and technicians of the company. The company then takes pride in creating light fittings which not only match the customizations of the customers but surpass the quality and durability expected by the customers. Arturo Alvarez portfolio comprises of table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps and wall mounted lamps. The designs of the company are unique and exclusive and can be adapted to any setting residential or commercial. Hence the company which began in humble origins now has an international presence which spans over 50 countries. 

The designs of lighting have also garnered various awards in fairs and festivals of the lighting industry across the world. The company has revived ancient handcrafted methods of creating light fittings. The company has picked up these handcrafted techniques from all over its native country to nurture these dying and almost vanishing crafts. The company has hence come up with its tag line of tailor made lights much to delight of its customers and critics. The company also has an impressive list of designers and designer studios that create the stunning light fittings for the company. The design department of company is headed by the founder Arturo Alvarez. The design department of the company is also involved in researching and developing its own materials for the light fittings it produces. The company is also committed to creating products that are energy efficient and environment friendly to protect the environment for future generations. Hence most of the products of the company can be used with LED bulbs which are extremely energy efficient. The company also sources its materials from well known companies who have themselves been pioneers of corporate social responsibility. The Aros collection has been one of the most popular collections of the company featuring in its catalogues for almost six seasons consecutively.

Ceiling lights: Their is a wide variety of ceiling lighting available. Ther most popular fixture is the Planum ceiling light.

The Aros collection is family of matching lights which consists of table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights and suspension lights. The lamps of the Aros collection have been designed to rotate occasionally stimulating the effect of celestial bodies in your room. The Aros collection lamps are available in the two color options offered by the company: black and white. However the customer can choose from a variety of other colors to customize the lamps. Located in Spain, the company has considerable amount of experience and has hence created a formidable international presence for itself. With years to come customers and critics are sure that their lighting will scale new heights of popularity and revenues.

Their lighting was established based on the basic principle of converting light into more than just its functionality of providing illumination. Hence the light fittings of the company have taken into consideration the changing and evolving tastes of its customers to create stunning and exquisite lighting fixtures. The light fittings of the company are designed to not just provide illumination but also enhance the elegance and style quotient of the establishments’ décor. The light fittings produced by the company are completely hand crafted.