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Architectural Lighting

A Buying Guide for Architectural Lighting

Modern architectural lights can add beauty and improve illumination inside the home, office, and other commercial settings. These lighting fixtures complement the architectural design and look of the house’s interior. The state of the art architectural lighting represents an intersection of function, form, and style. They are practical, dynamic, and reliable lighting solution, and suitable for almost any task and space.

Our buying guide will help you in selecting the best architectural lighting fixture. You will learn about the different types and sizes of architectural lights that would suit various purposes.

Selecting the Right Architectural Lighting Fixture

The task of choosing the right type of architectural lighting can be a daunting task for almost anyone. Most people get confused when confronted with different options to choose from relating to the light fixture. While architectural lighting fixtures are relatively versatile and most lighting solutions look good in almost every situation, there are certain things that you should know about them to select the best one for your home and office. The decision should be based on a few considerations such as the lighting type, size, style, and finishing. We will briefly discuss each of the subject matter in a little below.

Architectural Lights Style and Finishing

Architectural lights are available in different style and finishing. You can select the traditional bell or round shaped lighting fixtures or a cylinder or conical shape for a more modern look. The shape or style of the lighting fixture will typically be determined by your aesthetic needs and preferences.

At Interior Deluxe, you can find Bell, Bowl, Conical, Curved, Cylindrical, Dome, Drum, Globe, Multipoint, Rectangle, Round, and Square shaped lighting fixture.

Apart from lighting fixture shape, another important element that you must consider when buying a light fixture is the lighting finishing. The finishing of the lighting fixture that you choose must complement the interior décor of the place.

The popular options for architectural light finishing include Aluminum, Black, Brass, and Bronze finishing. Other types of finishing that you can choose from include Chrome, Chrome Matt, Nickel, Nickel Matt, and White. The right kind architectural lighting finishing should increase the ambiance of the place apart from offering perfect illumination. The most important factor that you must remember when selecting a particular lighting fixture finishing is to be mindful of the space where the lighting fixture will be hung inside the house or an office.

Architectural Lighting Size

The size of the architectural lighting that you select should be according to the size of the room as well as the required illumination. You can select either a single architectural light or multiple lighting fixtures that are hung in groups.

Architectural lighting fixtures range in size from standard to massive glass-enclosed fixtures that are suitable for gigantic size rooms. The smaller size architectural lightings are used in a row to offer sufficient illumination. The small size lighting updates out-of-style track lighting is adding a bit of pleasant ambiance to the place. Larger size architectural lighting makes a great replacement of traditional chandeliers.

Architecture Light Bulbs

When selecting architectural lighting fixture, you must not ignore light bulbs. There are many things you need to pay attention to such as the bulb type, lumens, color temperature, and wattage. All of these factors will determine the quality of light and energy efficiency of the lighting fixture.

You can buy halogen, incandescent, fluorescent, and LED bulbs. All of these bulbs differ in the intensity of light and energy usage. A single halogen and incandescent light offer the brightest illumination. On the other hand, the compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and light emitting diodes (LED) bulbs are the most energy-efficient.

When it comes to lowest energy wattage and longer life, the best option is LED lighting fixture. These light bulbs do not get hot when used for longer period. As a result, they last for a long time. You should look for a warm white color temperature for bedrooms and living room, a bright white for workspaces and kitchen and a daylight color temperature for reading areas.

Finding the Best Architectural Lights at Interior Deluxe

Architectural lighting fixtures are available at Interior Deluxe in different styles, finishes, sizes, and types. You can find modern lighting fixture made by well-known brands such as Alma Light, Artemide, B.Lux, LumenArt, SLV Lighting, Zaneen Panzeri and many others.

The best way to search for the architectural lighting fixture is by clicking on the filters on the left side of the screen. You can also enter the name of a particular architectural lighting by typing in the search bar on the upper-right corner of the screen. To use the search bar, you should just enter the keyword such as ‘modern architectural lighting.' It is advisable to start with a broad search and the refine your search options to refine the results and better match the desired lighting.

a. Architectural ceiling lights

Architectural ceiling lights, as the name suggests, are hung from the ceiling. These overhead lights come in different design, size, and types. Examples of the most famous architectural ceiling lights include ACL.01 Ceiling Light from LumenArt, Spot 79 120V Spot Light, N-TIC Spot 120V Spot Light, and Barro WL-1 Luminaire from SLV Lighting.

The ACL 01 architectural ceiling light has been micro brushed clear coat that gives it an appealing finishing. It consists of stainless steel fasteners and made of machined aluminum. The ceiling light is illuminated by a single halogen bulb.

Another popular architectural ceiling light is the Spot 79 120V spotlight that is made in Germany. The light is ideal for both commercial and residential premises. The best thing about the light is that it can be installed on both ceilings as well as walls. The halogen bulb ceiling light features Multi-directional lamp head that can be tilted 350 degrees. It is made of aluminum and comes in three colors: gray, black, and white.

The N-TIC Spotlight 120 V is another architecture light that is ideal for both commercial and residential purposes. The lighting fixture is available in both metal and aluminum builds with chrome matte finishing. Similar to the previous mentioned architectural ceiling light, the lamp head can be tilted 350 degrees. You can mount the architectural light on both ceiling and the wall.

Designed in Germany, the Barro WL-2 architectural light can be installed on both wall and ceiling. The cylindrical shaped light can be mounted in both ceiling and wall. It is tillable and adjustable 350 degrees and is available in chrome finishing.

b. Architectural wall lights

Architectural wall lights are mounted on the walls. Some of the popular brands of the lighting fixture include The AWL 13 wall sconce from LumenArt, Aixlight Kardaframe GU10 Wall Sconce from SLV Lighting, AWL 41.1 Wall Sconce from Lumen Art, and GL 100 Slot Plaster Wall Sconce from SLV Lighting.

The ALW 13.1 wall sconce feature micro brushed clear coating. It is popular due to its high-quality build and bright illumination. The halogen bulb lighting fixture features stainless steel and aluminum build.

Featuring a unique yet appealing design the Aixlight Kardaframe Wall GU10 wall sconce is a popular architectural wall lighting fixture. It is suitable for both commercial and residential purposes. The square shaped halogen bulb lighting fixture boasts of an aluminum build.

Another great architectural wall lighting fixture is the AWL 13.1 wall sconce. The wall sconce is powered by a 3W LED light that can be adjusted either up or down as required. It features a simple but elegant wedge-shaped body that adds to the look of the place. The aluminum build lighting fixture is suitable for both interior and exterior locations.

Lastly, the GL 100 Slot Plaster is a great architectural wall light featuring white painted metal finishing. The lighting is made of plaster and steel. It can be painted with wall paint after priming.

c. Architectural picture and display lights

Picture and display lighting are used to spotlight a valuable piece of item either hung on a wall or placed on the floor. The popular lighting fixtures at Interior Deluxe include Neat Flex Clamp Spot Light from SLV Lighting, Eliana cuadro picture lamp from B. Lux, Curvo B Spectral wall sconce from Hampstead Lighting, and the Dim 40 Wall Sconce from Décor Walther.

The Neat Flex architecture picture and display light is suitable for shops and other retail spots. It can also be used as an indoor sight light. The halogen bulb lighting fixture feature aluminum build that can perfectly complement both residential and commercial settings.

Designed by Manuel Ybarguengoitia for B. Lux brand, the Eliana cuadro picture lamp features elegant and appealing design. The fluorescent bulb display lighting fixture is made from zamak (zinc alloy) and steel with metalized finishing.

The Curvo B boasts of several appealing finishing but what makes it popular among the customer is the Swarovski glass build. The Swarovski glass is made by an Austrian crystal manufacturer that carries great weight in the luxury world. It is ideal for modern design luxury residential and commercial complexes.

The most appealing feature of the popular Dim 40 architectural wall sconce is its simplistic and graceful design. The lighting fixture is made of an elongated head that is fixed to a wall plate and can be moved up and down as required. The lighting fixture is available in multiple finishing including polished brass, matte chrome, chrome, and matte brass finishing. The lighting fixture generates direct light and is dimmable. It comes in three different sizes and two versions that can be used as either a picture or lamp or a mirror pin lamp.

d. Architectural Pendants

Architectural pendant lights offer a combination of functional excellence and appeal. Some of the examples of popular architectural pendant lights include Glass Pendants Oval Pendant Light, Bubbles 12" Pendant Light and Orb 1-Light Pendant light from Sonneman and APD 01 pendant light from LumenArt.

The Glass Pendants Oval Pendant Light is designed by the reputable designer Robert Sonneman. The lighting feature represents a combination of white glass shade and a braided black or red cord that looks simple and graceful at the same time. The lighting fixture consists of different shade styles that allow the creation of interesting combinations.

Another popular architectural pendant light is the APD 01 that feature micro brushed clear coating. The square shaped lighting fixture features a halogen bulb and is made of stainless steel fastener with an aluminum build.

Two other architectural pendant lights from Sonneman – the Bubbles 10’’ Pendant light and Orb 1-Light Pendant lights – are popular among the customers due to their simple, chic, and elegant design. The incandescent bulb lighting fixture is popular due to their affordable pricing and quality build.

e. Architectural floor lamps

You can find a number of different types of architectural floor lamps that offer a fusion of design, durability, and functionality. The most popular architectural floor lamps that you can find at Interior Deluxe include Topolino LED floor lamp from Baltensweiler, the Diogenes floor lamp, Twilight LED floor lamp, and Twilight Halogen floor lamp from the world renowned Belux brand.

f. Architectural chandeliers

Vonn lighting is the most popular brand of architectural chandeliers at interior deluxe. All of the lighting fixture made by the company boasts of a harmonious combination of elegant design and functionality. The lighting fixtures from Vonn Lighting bring a unique touch to modern design homes. They convey a sense of elegance and accord making them a perfect centerpiece in the living room.

Installation of Architectural Lights

The architectural lighting fixture is available with the light pointed up or downwards. You should install the lighting fixture with the light pointed upwards for ambient lighting, and pointed downwards for task lighting. Also, you should refer to the step-by-step instructions regarding installation and safe operations of the lighting fixture. If there is any confusion, you must consult with a professional and qualified electrician to install the lighting fixture.


Architectural lighting can perfectly illuminate a specific area of the room. These lighting fixtures have a beautiful simplicity that makes them coveted by modern home and office designers alike. You can select directed or solo light for illuminating the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and other areas of the room. You can also select a lighting fixture having different finishing, size, type, and design. There is no limit as to the creative ways you can decorate the space with the modern architectural lighting.

Architectural lighting offers adequate illumination that perfectly complements interior décor and design of the space. They are great for ambient mood lighting as well as for task lighting above the dining table or kitchen sink. The lighting fixture looks just as good inside the house as in they do in office settings. Due to the plethora of options, you may encounter difficulty in selecting the right architectural lighting fixtures. This guide, it is hoped, will have solved the problem of choosing the right lighting solution to a large extent.

If you’re looking to illuminate an office space or building with a modern aesthetic in mind, architectural lighting is an important consideration. At Interior Deluxe, we offer some important contemporary fixtures for this purpose—everything from chandeliers to floor lamps. With our wide selection of architectural pieces, you’ll have no trouble designing a gorgeous and functional lighting plan for your space.