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4th of July Sale - Savings up to 50% OFF! Shop Now »

Anton Angeli Lighting

Anton Angeli Lighting has taken light much beyond its functionality to produce light fittings that are stunning and exquisite to enhance the décor of the establishment. The company takes pride in itself to be able to produce light fittings that keep the customer in the fore front and take the changing tastes into consideration.

The company also has recently taken up the green initiative and hence uses materials that are sustainable and environment friendly. The materials sourced by the company are regularly subjected to stringent tests to check whether they comply with the green initiative of the company. The company’s designs and manufacturing processes have always been in line with the basic principles of research and development to constantly create something that keeps customers and critics wanting for more.
The company takes pride in providing complete creative freedom to the designers it employs and the designer studios it has partnered with. The designers working with the company range from newcomers to veterans of the lighting industry. Some designers are well known while others are fresh faces picked directly from the design schools across the world. Hence the company’s list of designers consists of Aldo Cibic, Eric Gottein, Oberon and Patrini amongst many others.

The company’s portfolio consists of a wide variety of light fittings which includes ceiling lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, suspension lights and wall mounted lights. The latest collection of light fittings from the company includes the new Armonica, a collection which has been created from extensive research about the customers’ tastes and functionality. This collection aims to revive designs and styles that were unique to the 70s.

Hence was created Armonica with harmonic and flowing lines whose uses have gone beyond just providing illumination. This collection consists of a family of matching lights which consists of matching ceiling lamps, wall mounted lamps and floor lamps. The lamps in this collection are available in two major colors of white and yellow however the customer can order for customized colors to suit the establishments’ décor.

The company also specializes in producing outdoor lighting hence the outdoor collection includes award winning and highly popular collections like the Miami. The Miami collection was created to showcase to the public how light fittings of bigger dimensions can brighten up gardens and walkways. The light fittings of the Miami collection are ideal for gardens, terraces and the sit-out area.

The customer can choose from a wide variety of colors for the lamp shades though the company provides the default satin finish white glass shades by default. The Miami collection is a family of matching light fittings which includes floor lamps, ceiling lights and suspension lights.

The company made a mark in 2011 with its strong presence in the Euroluce 2011 where it showcased successfully to the audience its upcoming and latest collections. The new collections of the company promise to be more energy efficient and environment friendly to keep up with the changing times.

With vast experience the Anton Angeli Lighting is bound to make its presence felt all over the world in the lighting industry.