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Anthologie Quartett Lighting

Anthologie Quartett - Brand Story

The company began in 1983 in Hannover, Germany. First showing of pieces took place in Milan, 1984. Starting with furniture, lighting and other design items. The company became its own in 1988 detaching from Quartett, and further divulged the world of lighting to us as consumers. As they company grew, they added additional sections to their family. Such as Best Friends Modern Jewelry with designers such as Garouste & Bonetti and TinaAparisi.The focus is contemporary iron, gold and silver pieces, some of which are re-makes from old pieces. Stylistic freedom is seen in these items, so beautifully unique. Another section of their growing family is Design Connections which is the center of their office for art direction, design and public relations. The key was that this institution added research into many other brands and companies like Lacoste, eg. to help broaden and strengthen their own budding company. The basis of their growth was based on a passion for design. ( (

Amongst many impressive and wonderful creations, Anthologie started with many "objects" as they call them. During the 1980's, many of the pieces were Chinese Ceramic influenced. "Solitaries" were crafted. The consumer adored their unique, strange, and revived pieces. The company's furniture was limited in the beginning and was just a few pieces, mainly dominated by the other groupings of so-called "objects" they were known for creating. Eventually during the 1990's, designers Ginbande, Daniel Weil and Stiletto come up with children's collections and garden collections that they begin to enter the more current idea of "furniture." In the year 2000, it takes over 20 designers and architects to design a wall cabinet system that truly pushes the brand and company forward. It is titled "Ensemble." (

Seeing as there were so many numerous amounts of designers to pick from, I chose the top few that the company acknowledges on their website. One of the top grouping of designers is Ginbande design-Uwe Fischer / Achim Heine. They claim that one of their main influences is to experiment. Therefore creating experimental pieces of furniture and objects. These men push the boundaries, some of their furniture folds into the floor-some pieces are created to create frustration or amusement in the user-and some are so simplistic that they seem to good to be true. Both men are said to be teachers currently after ending their design careers.( Elizabeth Garouste and Mattia Bonetti design out of France and create stunning neo-baroque style jewelry. The two also make silverware and ended up creating lines for "Best Friends." A bit of background on Mattia Bonetti, he was born Swiss, in Lake Lugano. He studied textiles and then moved to Paris, where he worked with textiles. He learned the craft of photography and not long afterward is where he met Elizabeth Garouste, and the two began to work together.( Elizabeth Garouste was born in 1949, Paris. She studied design at the Camando School in Paris, then began building sets for theatre. When she turned to design work, she met Mattia Bonetti in the late 1970s. The New York Times did a piece on Mattia Bonetti, this showing his truly worldwide influence.

Anthologies Quartett most popular product is the Cellula chandelier. Cellula features a whole series. These lighting pieces feature ceiling lights, pendants and sconces. Each a beautifully crafted light of metal and crystal to create a unique and stunning artwork for any home. A contemporary style take on the classic chandelier the pendants have red, green and yellow accent crystals available to order. The lighting collection was designed by Nunzia Carbone and Tiziano Vudafieri. ( For me personally, I adore their Illustri Collection. The natural forms and relaxed appearance connect with me. The fantastic truth about this brand is that they truly have something for everyone. They explore and appreciate the different styles that consumers connect with. Anthologie Quartett's most popular items seem to be lights and through my searches many companies seem to carry their lighting. One article I came across mentioned that a possible rumor of another children's furniture collection could be in the works. ( That would be exciting, and definitely interesting since the last collection was made so long ago. The Jahreszeiten Collection screams nature, natural, wild, and classy. I adore the curves and leaf details. The essence of nature is captured so beautifully in these lights. They ebb and flow, creating a calm, natural feeling. Another collection I love-though quite different then the natural feeling collections, is the Coffee Collection designed by Berhard Stellmacher. Absolutely genius to use an everyday, extremely common item such as a mug, and create such modern,contemporary artwork lighting pieces. How ironic, to be drinking your morning coffee or tea while using your mug light. Simply wonderful! These examples further express how intensely this company meets the needs of each and every style.

One example of the work and intricacy involved in designing such pieces, is shown here in a video from Beat Karrer doing a glasslab who does pieces for many companies, including Anthologie Quartett. The small intricate parts and attention to detail involved in making lighting are incredible. Overall this brand provides exceptional lighting pieces that cater to a variety of needs for different interior environments. I love pieces that provide gentle light, that appear natural and not modern for my space, and they have that. On the contrary, they also design intensely modern pieces that are hard edged and clean lined for customers that prefer that look in their space. From quirky to fancy, Anthologie Quartett designs some of the most unique and current lighting trends I have admired thus far in my Interior Decorating schooling and practice.

In the early beginning of the nineties, Anthologie Quartett started developing a lighting program of their own. Based on only a few spectacular items, Anthologie Quartett succeeded, over the years, in designing a complete range of a lighting collection which, at the turn of the millennium , has gradually become a centerpiece of Anthologie Quartett's activities.

Similar to the range of furniture and objects selected by the manufacturer, their variety of lighting products offers a vast collection of alternatives for the most divergent lighting purposes, and perfectly reflects the multitude of contemporaneous international design features.

....what our clients say

When I pick a light for my own space-the first requirement is that it speaks to me. Who am I? What do I like? What kind of light flow do I want in my room?

I love the natural, warm glow kind of lights. Something that says "I am comfortable, I feel cozy, I feel safe." When I first saw the Anthologie Quartett Illustri-Pendant Light designer by Hans Heisz, it spoke to my soul. The textures, the color of light, the natural form, all said my name. It is made from paper-therefore recyclable. The world needs to appreciate and accept green going forward, and in my own schooling and design work, green means everything to me. I love the natural world, and I saw a jellyfish the second I saw this lighting collection. They appear like gentle, floating jellyfish, something I think is beautiful. The ocean reference also connects with the importance of the environment, the ocean and this light provoked so many thoughts in my mind. The chaotic feeling seems so natural that it does not seem chaotic after all. Perhaps I appreciate the mess like appearance seeing that I can sometimes be a bit disorganized myself. I believe that humans prefer to echo themselves in items they may not even be aware of.