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Anta Lighting

Whether you are hosting a party and need the background lighting to create that perfect ambience, or you have moved to a new apartment, have all the basics in place but wondering how to highlight the living room wall without improper reflections. Don’t worry, we at ANTA lighting have a solution for all these issues. A look through our catalogue will explain it all. 

Please read our Interview with Anta's General Manager - Kristian Kracht. Be it the floor lamp NOBU or the suspended lamp NY, with their ornate presence , they will change the mood of a room from flat and bland to one sparkling with energy. Their opulent design and sensible lighting being the handwork of our crafty designers who also make our lighting one of the sought after brands in Europe.

To give a welcome feel to your home our wall lights TAO and TOSHI can be used to light the front of the house. They not only affect the viewer’s response but also cheer up their emotional responses with colour, pattern, line and texture, capturing the essence of our lighting innovation.

Your renovation of the hallway is complete, it’s time to add the finishing touches. You can use the ZOE wall and ceiling lamp at the top which commands presence, provides good illumination and also reduces the risk of accidents. You can use recessed spotlights for the stairs with IRI, our wall lamp. Use the ZAC, with its rotable, swingable arm it provides the corners with the correct amount of illumination. Your hall light is the first light that your visitors see so make it warm and inviting with our lighting.

In your corridor you can position the SPOON near the ceiling scooping the light up and NEST directly below scooping the light down. Creating a pair at the two end’s that gives the impression of a tunnel adding to the visual effectiveness of your home or office. They are pride for Anta lighting, their soft and diffusing light minimizes harsh shadows and provides relaxing and visually compelling atmosphere .

Ambient lighting of the living room is important because that’s where we spend most of our time. Most people prefer general lighting for watching television and entertaining, accent lighting for illuminating painting , interesting architectural aspects and plants. You can use a combination of the wall and ceiling lights , table lamps , floor lamps offered by our lighting like CUT, PARA, AFRA, LU and many others. They add to the depth and shade of your living room, with shadows in some corner and pools of light in others.

Guided by Gertrud Kracht, the women behind their lighting with her unerring sense for perfection, we at Anta lighting are determined to deliver you with the best.

With their shine of metal, comforting light and finesse of materials our lights will create a sense of aliveness in your environment. Our presence is throughout Europe. Austria, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, call it and we have lighting agencies almost everywhere. So the next time your order for your lights . You know the name. It’s Anta lighting .