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Adjustable Pendant Lights

Buying Guide - Adjustable pendant lights

Key Insider Tips To Guide You As You Buy The Adjustable Pendant Lights

With the curtain falling on the incandescent and fluorescent lighting, homeowners prefer the LED lights since they produce different lighting options for every room in the house. While LED lights are more expensive than their elder cousins, they are more cost-effective in the long-run since they have an excellent energy saving potential.

Trendy LED Pendant Light Choices

Besides cutting your lighting costs, LED lights add immense aesthetic value to your home, especially when they come as pendant lights. Pendant lights are becoming exceedingly popular in residences due to their ability to set the mood for dining rooms, hallways, living rooms, and kitchens. Pendant lights come with a metal rod, a single cord, and a chain that hangs from the ceiling. These lights are ideal for houses with higher ceilings, especially the living and dining rooms. A few examples of these LED pendant lights include the Zoom Chandelier, from Serien Lighting, Titania pendant light from LucePlan, Swell Single Pendant from Pablo Designs, Campari Pendant Light from Ingo Maurer, and Tolomeo off center suspension from Artemide.

How to choose the ideal LED pendant lights for your home

While shopping for the Led lights, the following tips will help you to make the right decision and choose the options that will make a huge impact in your home:

Analyze Your Home Décor
Begin by envisioning the room that you wish to mount your pendant lights in and develop a mental image of the final appearance based on what you hope to accomplish. Compare several lighting options to identify the pendant lights that fit the layout and architectural style of the space and decide whether your choice makes the impact that you had envisioned from the onset.

Determine where you need to mount your lights
You might need to light up a reading table or the dining area. In a busy room, say the kitchen, you do not need to illuminate a particular item. You will require something that offers a lot of lights illuminate the entire room. On the other hand, if you prefer the pendant lights largely for their aesthetic value, you can go for subdued lighting, or you could include a dimmer button in your design. You can vary the mood of your rooms by choosing the colored lights that come with dimmers.

Pendant Lights buying considerations
Before you purchase the pendant lights, it is vital to decide how to use them in your home. If you are looking to spice up the bedroom or accent the living room, these lights offer plenty of options to choose from and embark on your makeover. With many colors and styles at your disposal, you can come up with a myriad of custom designs. However, if you are not careful, you might be overwhelmed by the broad range of pendant lights in the market. These lights can either break up a vast open space or add dramatic impact in a small space. Before you go on a shopping spree, ensure that you have a particular theme while lighting up your home. Ensure that you have a unique lighting theme for every room before you decide on the shape, color, and size of your lights.

Determine the size, color, and style
Dark colors are much easier to clean than to those varieties with lighter shades. The sizes of these pendants should be proportionate to the dimension of the room and size of the entire space. The height needs to be sufficient for lighting the whole area while guaranteeing an unhampered line of sight whether you are sitting or standing. Pendant lights should range between 30 to 38 inches above the surface of the table, kitchen cabinet, or island. In areas where you don't have a kitchen countertop or island, the fixtures must leave 72 inches over the floor.

Energy efficiency
When you choose to install the pendant lights, look for the varieties that come with the Energy Star accreditation. While, other lights may look gorgeous, the main reason why homeowners insist on the energy saving lights is the potential to cut their overall costs on a monthly basis. Choosing an accredited lighting fixture is a wise thing because, in addition to the energy-saving abilities, you will be certain that the fixtures are genuine. With an excellent star rating, you will not only save on your monthly bills, but their longevity will give you good value for money for decades.

Types of LED Pendant Lights
If you want to invest in LED pendant lighting fixtures for your residence, there are several alternatives at your disposal:

Mini pendant lights
While they are quite small, the mini pendant light fixtures bring a dramatic sense of style that can suit any interior décor. Due to their many benefits, these mini-pendants not only improve your interior design but avail plenty of cost savings as well. When choosing the mini-pendant lights, bigger is not always better. Even the smallest varieties can light up a huge room if you decide the options that come with the brightest bulbs. Surprisingly, you might need some dimmers to reduce the amount of ambient light that fills your room.

Downlight pendants
The dome shaped pendants are ideal for task lighting. Task-based lighting is instrumental when it comes to focusing the light to a particular item in your work area. On directly One area that these lights come in handy is the kitchen island or directly above the kitchen sink. By dropping a few downlight pendants in a large working area, you can come up with an unusual layout that looks chic and modern.

Drum Pendants
Drum pendants are suitable for any room since they come with custom drum shades. As such, they allow plenty of customizations that match the rest of your décor regarding color and texture. These lighting fixtures have the potential to emit a substantial amount of light to brighten your rooms efficiently. Thus, you do not have to clutter the living room with a cluster of chandeliers or fluorescent lamps. Moreover, the inherent ability of these lights to create an array of focal points can allow you to differ the moods in various parts of the room. Also, these lights combine well with all types of lighting fixtures. Due to their small size, you can disguise these lights within the massive chandeliers during the day and use them to create a festival of lights at night.

Have a specific theme for every room

If you want to enjoy the functional and aesthetic benefits as well, you must have a different lighting philosophy for each room. The fixtures you choose for your dining room must be distinct from those in the kitchen to add charm and aesthetic value. Besides, you perform different roles in every room. As such, the lighting fixtures in your study cannot function well in the kitchen. By taking your time while developing a lighting plan, you will not only add elegance and diversity in your design, but you will also develop a more useful concept. As you explore the various options in the market, ensure that your ultimate choice suits your natural tastes and preferences.

Kitchen area
A typical area where LED pendant lights have become popular is in the kitchen area. In the kitchen, task lighting is better than the other lighting alternatives. Interior design professionals utilize pendant lights for kitchen areas due to the bold statement they introduce and the stunning appearance they create. These fixtures offer sufficient light to while presenting a beautiful appearance priced in a vast array of luxury residences.

Dining Room
Another area where pendant lighting has become common is the dining room. A cluster of pendant lights that hang over the dining room table resembles a high-end chandelier, especially if you have a suspended ceiling. Additionally, if attached intelligently, they add ambiance to the dining area and make it more comfortable for the entire family. Besides, pendant lights introduce clean lines that add elegance to your interior decor and have become the bare minimum for contemporary interior design.


You must illuminate your hallways properly to avoid introducing dark alleys in your house. In most cases, corridors provide a link from one room to another and fortunately, this is one area where you do not have to be extravagant. There are plenty of traditional and modern lighting solutions that bring sufficient light, and your choice should depend on your interior design principles. If you have an old, colonial home, antique lighting fixtures can work to your advantage. However, if your home has a contemporary architectural character, choose something that looks simple.

When selecting a pendant lighting fixture for a modern home, sometimes less is more. Choose some subtle lighting options for your hallways so that the high-end fixtures in your dining room can stand out. Ensure that you leave enough headroom in your hallways to avoid interfering with the traffic as you mount these fixtures and protect your family from injuries. There are plenty of lighting fixtures to choose from, each with its functional and aesthetic role. The following table can get you on the right track before you start shopping for the LED pendant lights.

You are in control with adjustable pendant lights from Interior Deluxe. Set the perfect height and angle to complement your modern living space, and add an exceptional, exquisite lighting fixture to your modern home décor. We have a vast selection of upscale designs available to give you even further control over the look and feel of your lighting solutions.