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lighting by design

Why Every Luxury Home Transformation Needs Lighting by Design

lighting by design

If you're looking to give your home a transformation, you'll probably start with a fresh coat of paint and new furniture. You'll be surprised what a difference these simple changes can make.

But if you really want to transform your home, you can't stop there. Even if you choose the most beautiful colors and stunning furniture, if you don't put thought into this one feature, you won't get the most out of your transformation.

That one feature is good lighting. The right lighting by design will make or break your other design choices. Here's why every home needs good lighting and how to achieve it.

Why Good Lighting Is Essential

Lighting plays a much bigger role in a room's design than most people realize. You can pick out the perfect paint color but hate the way it looks in certain lights. Lighting holds so much weight that you have to consider it as its own feature in a room.

Lighting can alter the mood in a second. It can take a space from light and airy to warm and cozy with a flick of a switch. The mood is a major feature of professional design, so to pull the room together, let lighting do the talking.

There's also the transformative power of light. When done correctly, lighting can make a room feel open and larger than it is. It can make your ceiling seem higher and highlight architectural features.

So at the start of your project, when you're choosing colors and fabrics, don't forget to plan your lighting design.

Natural vs Artificial Lights

To get the most out of your design, you'll want to use both natural and artificial light. Both serve different purposes but are equally important in your design.

Natural light is what comes through the window from the sun. It's bright, airy, and offers a clarity that's hard to recreate with artificial light bulbs.

One thing that's important to remember is that natural lighting varies at different times of the year and heavily depends on where you live. But there are tricks to increase natural light if your space doesn't have it on its own.

Artificial light is much easier to control. With a variety of hues and intensities, you can customize your interior lighting. Advancements in lighting have also allowed for energy efficiency and smart technology.

Layers of Light

There aren't many people besides professional interior designers who think about lighting a room in layers. But layered lighting is the key to getting a space that feels customized and luxurious. Here are the lighting layers you can add to every room.

Ambient Lighting

As the first layer in your interior lighting design, ambient lighting is the foundation and, therefore, the most important lighting layer. Every room's lighting design should start here.

Ambient lighting offers you general illumination. Brightening the entire room, this layer allows you to see everything and stops you from running into furniture or tripping on a rug.

Overhead lights are what is most often used to create ambient lighting. Recessed lighting in the kitchen, ceiling fans with a light in the bedroom, and a chandelier in the dining room are all great examples of ambient lighting.

Task Lighting

For more localized or specialized needs, add in task lighting. This second layer allows you to put more focus on specific purposes that may need more light. Think of task lighting as work-oriented rather than lighting an entire space.

Every room can use task lighting. But unlike the general rule of overhead fixtures for ambient light, task lighting will vary throughout the house.

In the kitchen, task lighting may be under-cabinet lights for chopping vegetables, while in a home office, it could be a desk lamp for working late. Your bathroom may have an adjustable wall sconce for getting ready, and your bedroom may have a reading lamp.

Despite the difference in fixtures, since their purpose is to provide focus, all of these are considered task lighting.

Accent Lighting

For those who enjoy the decorating process, accent lighting may be your favorite of the layers. That's because accent lights can put beauty and aesthetics over function. Though they still provide light, their purpose is to provide a pretty presentation.

And because the style is so important to accent lighting, there is a large variety of options to choose from. Both in where you can put the lighting and what the fixture will look like.

Accent lights often highlight architectural features, unique designs, or stunning decor in your home. Consider uplighting on a shelf, a chandelier on a tray ceiling, or a spotlight on a painting.

This is the area where you can get creative and feature something about your home that you love.

Tips to Achieve the Best Lighting Design

Choosing the right lighting includes both the fixture and the brightness. You'll want to keep the number of lumens in mind when planning out your design. Ambient lighting can vary in the lumens levels, but task lighting, for example, should be higher.

You should also keep in mind the glow that your lights give off in your overall design. White lights will be bright and airy but can also come off harsh. Yellow lighting is much warmer, adding a cozy feel but not as bright as white light.

Keep the colors of your design in mind when choosing lighting designs. Strive to complement the colors of your interior design with the temperature of the lighting.

Warm lighting pairs well with reds, oranges, and yellow, while blues, purples, and grays look best in cool lighting.

Lighting By Design for Your Home

Redesigning your home can be a fun and exciting project. And when people jump into it, they first think about changing the wall color, updating the floors, and designing with new furniture and fresh decor. Lighting, for most people, is an afterthought.

But if you want the feeling of a luxury home interior design, then lighting needs to be much higher on the priority list. The best lighting can elevate your space, highlight all the right details, and create an ambiance. That is the real transformation.

Good lighting by design isn't hard to achieve. With these lighting tips, your home will feel like the warm, luxurious retreat that you deserve.

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