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Which lighting style is best for your needs and home?

Which lighting style is best for your needs and home?

The decorating world has provided homeowners with countless opportunities to embellish their home using beautiful and unique lighting. However, one of the problems people run into is that there are simply too many choices.

Instead of getting frustrated, take some time to examine all lighting options. Only then can you properly ascertain what type of illumination will suit you and your lifestyle best.

Hall and foyer fixtures can create a beautiful focal point for guests when they walk into your home. The height of your ceiling typically dictates the type of lighting you should use. For example, taller ceilings should use large chandeliers and chain-hung foyer accessories. Surface-mounted fixtures are most appropriate for ceilings that aren't as high. 

Pendant fixtures are perfect if homeowners are looking to create ambient lighting. Many of them are built with shades or globes to prevent glare and are typically suspended over kitchen counters, game tables or other work areas. Consider hanging modern ceiling pendants over bedside tables, as they supply good task lighting and can also free up space occupied by table lamps.

Bath vanity lighting can provide task lighting, while accenting general lighting supplied by ceiling fixtures. Like pendants, contemporary bathroom lighting is available in a wide range of colors, shapes and styles. Newer versions of these often come with a glass or fabric shade, which can also serve to prevent glare. Bath vanity fixtures are the perfect light for everyday tasks like shaving or applying makeup.

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