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Where You Can Buy Holtkoetter Lamps

Where You Can Buy Holtkoetter Lamps

Lighting serves several purposes in your home. Sometimes it serves a functional purpose, such as allowing you to see where you're going or to help you read. 

Other times, lighting serves aesthetic or atmospheric purposes. Maybe you have a date coming to your home for the first time, and you want to set a romantic mood. Alternatively, maybe you've come home from a long workday and want some dim lighting and a glass of wine to unwind.

Whatever your situation may be, a Holtkoetter lamp is bound to suit your purposes. Holtkoetter is a top-tier lighting company that sells the best quality products on the market.  

In this article, we'll break down some of the critical benefits of buying a Holtkoetter. We'll fill you in on where to buy them, too!

Benefits of Using Holtkoetter Lighting Products

You may be wondering why you should use Holtkoetter lighting products over other choices. After all, how much difference can exist between lighting brands? However, these products feature many benefits you don't want to miss out on. 

Halogen Lightbulbs

People have disparaged halogen lightbulbs for a few years now, but much of this bad press is unfair to the product. The fact is, halogen lightbulbs are among the most efficient options on the market. 

Consider just a few of these facts. Halogen lightbulbs are:

  • Small, light, and straightforward to use
  • More efficient than standard incandescent bulbs
  • Longer lasting
  • Capable of starting instantly, without the need for a warm-up time
  • Easy to dim

Additionally, halogen lights produce some of the finest quality light available. The lighting is much whiter than the usual incandescent alternatives, resembling natural sunlight more than artificial light.

All of this sounds great, right? So, you're probably wondering why people have spent so much time criticizing halogen lightbulbs. Unfortunately, halogen bulbs aren't always the safest option. They can become incredibly hot, even to the point of exploding. 

However, this issue usually comes as a result of people using the wrong fixtures for their bulbs. A safe fixture ensures that glass won't fly freely if an explosion happens. It also prevents objects like drapes from catching fire. 

Lighting for Aging Eyes

As people get older, their eyes begin to weaken. Various mechanisms in the eye, such as the cornea and the lens, lose their focus. This weakening happens as a result of fat deposits and yellowing processes. It then results in a decreased ability to focus and adapt to changes in light.

When these processes begin, your eyes require more light to perform once easy tasks, such as reading or writing. The good news is that Holtkoetter specifically recognizes this problem and works to solve it.

The company has endorsed university-level research to examine ways of aiding eye health. This research resulted in fresh new designs that Holtkoetter utilizes in their lamps. 

These lamps produce the necessary light level to help preserve your eyes through either a 75-Watt or 100-Watt halogen bulb. This bulb, combined with the revolutionized lampshade design, allows for easy reading or writing. 

With these lamps, you can avoid any unnecessary strain on your eyes and focus on the task at hand. 

Original Dimming Technology

For a long time, Holtkoetter tried its best to operate with existing dimming systems. Unfortunately, those systems couldn't live up to the company's performance standards. What else was left but to design their own?

Holtkeutter utilizes two original dimming systems: the Decadium Dimming and DimmSystem Punkt 1 systems. You can read more about how these two systems work through this link.

Holtkoetter Reviews

You've heard about the benefits of Holtkoetter lamps, but perhaps you'd like to hear somebody else's opinion of the lamp. If so, you need only browse online and read customer reviews. It’s always good to check in with other consumers for authentic and genuine thoughts surrounding products like this.

However, we love to save our readers time and effort. So, in this section, we'll give you some of the feedback on various Holtkoetter lamps.

Halogen Torchiere with Swing Arm

First, we'll examine the Halogen Torchiere with Swing Arm model. The average Amazon customer rating gave this lamp four stars, with several other reviewers giving it five. 

Why the high praise? Some reviewers explain that the lamp is of top-line quality, unparalleled by cheaper lighting options. The lamp provides perfect levels of indirect light for reading. 

Moreover, customers loved the convenience of the lamp's dimming system. Whereas most reading and floor lamps place their dimmer controls on the base of the lamp, this model places the dimmer near the top. 

Unlike other controls, which often feel like stiff wax when trying to move them, these controls glide under the user's touch. Reviewers also praised the lamp for its sturdiness. 

Holtkoetter lamps weigh much more than other lamp options, making them difficult to knock over. Even if you bump up against them, they're unlikely to fall and break. 

BB LED Floor Lamp

Another product, a BB LED Floor Lamp, receives similar praise. This lamp differs from other Holtkoetter models in its use of LED, rather than halogen, light. However, this does not affect the lighting in any negative fashion.

Rather, the top Amazon reviewer claims that the quality of this LED light is nearly indistinguishable from a typical halogen light. The most notable difference comes in the absence of heat. 

Where To Buy Holtkoetter 

At this point, you must be wondering where you can purchase these lamps. After all, if people have such high praise for them, they must be worth investigating!

If you're looking for a Holtkoetter seller, there's good news. You can find this brand in a variety of locations, both online and brick-and-mortar. Amazon is a popular choice, but others exist. In fact, you can order several items directly from the Holtkoetter website!

Find a Holtkoetter Lamp Today

Lighting sources are an essential component of every home, and you can't find a better manufacturer than Holtkoetter. With their efficient means and designs, these lamps promise excellent quality!

If you want to see what all the excitement is about, then check out our collection of Holtkoetter lamps today! 

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