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What type of recessed lighting is most appropriate for your home?

What type of recessed lighting is most appropriate for your home?

Recessed lighting is commonly known as downlights. This type of illumination is installed in a hollowed out opening of a ceiling. When it is put in place properly, the light appears to be shining in a downward direction, hence the alternative name, downlights.

Although it is important to assess where you need recessed lighting, it is just as important to determine where it shouldn't be installed. Interior decorators recommend refraining from putting downlights down the center of a room or grouping them in rows because it can make your room look more like landing strip for airplanes.

Before installing downlights in your home, you should consider what size you want. Most downlights are four, five or six inches in diameter. It is important that you make your decision based on the size of your home. Small fixtures are more appropriate for smaller places and larger lights work better for bigger rooms.

In addition, you need to decide how intense you want the light to be. Incandescent bulbs are a good choice because they are fairly cheap and usually provide the right amount of general light. Halogen bulbs are quite bright and give off a clear white light. They come in sizes that fit most downlights.

When it comes to placement, consider this common rule among lighting experts: four inch fixtures should usually be installed at least four feet apart and five inch fixtures should be at least five feet apart from another.

Place recessed lighting fixtures at least 12 and no more than 18 inches in front of the items you wish to highlight, like an antique bookshelf or set of curtains.
Following these steps will help you incorporate a unique and stylish type of lighting in your home or apartment.

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