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What to Look For When Choosing Hotel LED Lighting

What to Look For When Choosing Hotel LED Lighting

Many industries are going through a transition in finding ways to provide healthy indoor environments and energy efficiency. The hospitality industry is no exception.

According to the Department of Energy, residential and commercial buildings are responsible for approximately 40% of the energy consumed in the USA.  

Whether updating your lighting or building a new hotel, energy efficiency will more than likely be part of the plan. Read our hotel LED lighting guide for ideas that are not only gorgeous but provide savings in energy costs.

Keep Style Consistent

Beginning your hotel LED lighting plan starts with looking at the overall style of the hotel. Even if your hotel offers thematic rooms as its signature attraction, there should be some design consistency.

From the foyer entrance to any area of the hotel, a guest should be able to feel what sets your hotel apart from others. Decide on what element of your design will carry through. Is it your brand colors, architectural style, historical theme, or type of service?

You can achieve style consistency by purchasing lighting within a particular collection or design brand. Yet, also base your lighting choices for different areas of the hotel on function. When searching for types of lighting, combine words relevant to both style and fixture type.

Make an Impression: The Foyer

Ah, the foyer, lobby, main has many names. Whichever name you prefer, consider it the first impression room. This is the area in which a statement lighting piece is important.

Impress your guests and give them a peek at what to expect from your establishment with the right lighting as soon as they enter. Here are some fixture types to consider.

Large Chandelier

A large chandelier in the foyer is a timeless classic. There are key features in the rest of the foyer design that can assist you in making a chandelier choice. 

Look at shapes in the flooring tiles, furniture upholstery, and wall construction. Often, the circular chandelier is the first choice. Yet, is that part of the overall design of the hotel or its other features?

Certainly, if a circular design is present in a flooring mosaic or hotel logo, choose a round chandelier. However, keep in mind that many beautiful chandeliers feature rectangles, dangling bubble shapes, or realistic shapes from nature.

LED Pendant Lights

Station areas such as the check-in desk and guest information services require adequate lighting. Focus on LED lighting that reduces glare but still complements the overall style of the hotel. 

Traditionally, many people think of pendant lights as hanging lamps in groups of three. Today, LED Pendant lights come in many shapes and styles from the best designers. Here is an example of a dimmable LED pendant light that demonstrates the wide range of styles available.

Lighting Ideas for Corridors

Don't overlook the importance of providing adequate lighting in hotel corridors. The hallways are some of the busiest areas of the hotel.

Staff is visiting rooms to provide services. Guests are often handling packages or business materials while trying to open doors. New guests are trying to find an elevator or the swimming pool.

Your hotel lighting for halls and corridors matters. Guests who feel unsafe because of dimly lit halls may not return. Prevent accidents and confusion with these suggestions.

LED Wall/Ceiling Spotlights

Spotlights mounted on the ceiling are perfect for providing additional light to room entrances and elevators. These LED spotlights offer dimmable options for different times of day and can be controlled centrally. Best of all, enjoy the non-intrusive sleek design and manual directional control.

Decorative Wall Sconces

Pair directional lighting with wall sconces that offer ambiance and floor illumination. Many styles give an hourglass shape to lighting directed from both the top and bottom.

Choose a softer glow from sconces to balance stronger ceiling spotlights.  

Hotel Lighting for Event Areas

Variety is the key for designing lighting for event areas such as large meeting rooms or banquet halls. Start with directional lighting for focused areas such as stairs leading to a stage and exits. Choose overhead lighting that can be dimmed for areas with presentations.

Large Ceiling Mounts

Semi-flush ceiling lights provide light downward and out for optimal working light. They also have a gap between the fixture and ceiling that allows for an ambient glow. 

Arrange large ceiling lighting above groups of dining tables and workstations. Choose dimmable fixtures that can be centrally controlled.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Task lighting is necessary for hotel bathrooms. Guests are away from home and are often focused on quickly getting ready for the next event. Three areas in the bathroom need separate fixtures.

General lighting for the whole bathroom can combine a flush ceiling mount and fan for proper ventilation.

Mirror and sink lighting benefits from fixtures that allow guests to change the direction of the light. 

Illuminate the shower and tub area well. Offer dimmable options for guests who are ready to relax in the evening.

Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Lighting operated from a single panel is something that guests enjoy. Traditionally, hotel bedrooms have multiple lamps that must be turned off one by one. Make it easy with light switches located closest to the bed.

Offer convenience by exploring smartphone applications or a central panel—Focus lighting options for overall lighting, reading areas, closets, and doorways.

Hotel Suite: Livingroom Lighting Ideas

Guests who reserve a hotel suite expect to have social gatherings. Choose quality lighting with an exquisite style that meets the expectations of the additional expense of a suite.

For the living room, choose LED lighting with warmer color temperatures. Avoid harsh glare and focus on relaxation. Create intimate areas where groups of guests can gather or have the option for ambient lighting for two.

Space Mood lighting floor lamps to operate individually and provide soft illumination to intimate areas. They offer interest in their design and cast relaxing shadows rather than a bright overhead light throughout the room.

Consult a Designer for Hotel LED Lighting 

Creating a hotel LED lighting plan is beneficial to cost savings from energy efficiency. It is also a large task when considering how to carry brand style throughout all areas of the hotel.

Consult our design team for assistance in style choice and operational information. Our extensive experience with projects of all sizes allows our team to make your vision a reality.

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