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What is the Appropriate Conference Table Lighting?

What is the Appropriate Conference Table Lighting?

Proper lighting is essential in any work area. Meeting areas where technology is being used for presentations require specific types of lighting. 

There can be more on the line than eye strain when you are pitching to potential clients with poor lighting. Important details may be missed and lighting may impact the mood of buyers. Your choice of lighting also has an impact on how clients interpret the quality and style of your brand.

Are you designing a meeting room and thinking about the best types of lighting for your meeting and presentation areas? Read our guide on tips for light fixtures to use for conference table lighting and meeting rooms.

Issues With Bad Lighting

There are health-related issues with poor lighting, such as headaches, neck strain, vision problems, and fatigue. There are also different types of light fixtures that can reduce these problems. Here are a few common problems from specific types of lighting:

  • Fluorescent lights flicker 
  • Overhead glare on shiny surfaces
  • Insufficient light during audio/visual presentations
  • Large spaces between lights create shadows
  • Excessive heat from lighting

Understanding how light affects our well-being is important. The benefits of good lighting include reducing health problems related to poor lighting. Better health equals better productivity.

What Does Your Lighting Say About Your Company?

Meeting rooms are used for many reasons. There are meeting rooms for employee updates, problem-solving and planning, presentations, interviews for new employees, and proposals to new clients. 

The central focus of a meeting room is the conference table. This area requires overhead lighting that benefits people in taking notes, working on computers, and examining documents. 

Lighting should also flatter the complexions and outlines of people in the meeting room. Nothing will ruin a first impression more than a room full of shadowed people.

Lastly, the style of your company and the image you want to portray to your clients matters. New hires may opt-out of a job offer if a dingy meeting room is what greets them.

Your lighting style and efficiency should reflect that the company is doing well.

Tips for Choosing the Proper Lighting

In this section, find tips for light fixtures that address some of the problems listed previously. Style and brand messaging are also considered in the descriptions.

Reduces Glare

Overhead conference table lighting is a must for providing balanced light for both discussion and notetaking. A problem with glare can arise when light is reflected on surfaces. 

Pendant lights are very attractive above a conference table and can be staggered in different patterns for balanced coverage. The Nemo Italianaluce Maga Pendant Light offers diffused lighting in an elegant style. This pendant light uses halogen bulbs and boasts authentic Italian craftsmanship.

For energy efficiency, there are also beautiful pendant lights that use LED. The Belmont Pendant Light by Pablo Designs features light diffusion from the top and bottom for reducing surface glare. It is a classic design available in four colors.

The Modul Q 900 Project Pendant Light by Nimbus offers a larger surface width for balanced lighting from one fixture. It has an attractive modern style that features a diffuser panel for glare reduction. There are three LED light temperatures to choose from and an optional dimmer.

Task Lighting

Lighting that can be adjusted for multiple participants at the conference table enhances productivity by meeting the needs of individuals with different lighting needs.

The Genua 6 LED Pendant Light by Basis is an ingenious design. The fixture feature an adjustable suspension light made of 6 slim LED lights. The lights are connected and can be moved into a straight 78-inch length or adjusted to a zig-zag pattern.

For meeting rooms that require directional lighting on tables to highlight architectural models or prototypes, consider the Contatto C7 Pendant Light by Anton Angeli. An innovative design allows spotlights to be moved using magnets. This LED fixture is available in three finishes.


During presentations, dimmable conference table lighting is desirable. Meeting attendees can continue to take notes and view presentations without obstructing the view of video screens.

For a minimalist design that offers two color emitting options, the Clasiadus Pendant Light by Interior Deluxe is worth your review. This suspension light is available in white or black offering just the right amount of LED light during meetings and is dimmable.

The Space Frame Ul Suspension by Moooi is perfect for long conference tables. The frame of this fixture is made of high-quality steel in a copper and nickel finish. It is fully dimmable with sixty-four bulbs and clear shades.

Brand Statements

In addition to function, maximize the impression you make on clients by considering lighting that reflects your company's theme or product. The following are unique conference table lighting that may find a special place in your meeting room.

The Crown Plana Mega Chandelier by Nemo Italianaluce offers modern elegance. The design is reminiscent of a honeycomb and works well with an organic theme. Soft, yet powerful lighting is created with halogen bulbs.

Themes of freedom and flight are reflected in the design for Setya LED Suspension Lights by Interior Deluxe. The fixture is not only beautiful but also offers bright LED lighting in five sizes that are dimmable.

Communicating commitment that does not end can be found in the Infinity Pendant Light by Escale. The minimalist beauty of this fixture is perfectly paired with function in glare-free lighting. Each fixture is slightly different when produced giving it a unique style for each owner.

Find Your Best Conference Table Lighting

Make the most of first impressions for potential clients by considering your brand statements and style when choosing conference table lighting. Your design choice should communicate your company's interests and offer functional lighting for work.

Interior Deluxe has become known for its elegant lighting fixtures from all over the world. We enjoy collaborating on large and small-scale projects. Contact us to schedule a design consultation for your lighting needs.
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