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Well, Color Me Happy! Get Light-Hearted with Stylish Fixtures!

Well, Color Me Happy! Get Light-Hearted with Stylish Fixtures!

Bright lights and promises … what can gleaming home illumination do for you? A lot! Home lighting fashion has a new palette ready to lift your mood! Find your smile and invite ease into the day through the latest “vibe inducing” lighting styles. So why is light important? It’s a scientific fact that, for human beings, light is wellness therapy. The second light meets your skin or enters your eyes, your mood is triggered. A bright surrounding ignites energy, happiness, clear thought and swift reflex, plus it reduces food cravings – a waistline perk! Also, with sensible exposure, UV light actually stimulates serotonin and dopamine, the body’s “feel good” chemicals. So get out of the dumps! Start by looking up! Behold ceiling fixtures that shine through any rainy day! Cheer your home with overhead lighting that is fun and bold, brilliant and vivid, soft and soothing, pretty and romantic or contemporary and artistic. Make a lighting statement by blending or dynamically opposing other room colors with a highly visible fixture. Raise and lower brightness to contently suit the state of mind you seek. Let chandeliers, ceiling domes and globes be your emotional metaphors. Match them with select table and floor lamps to further enhance setting interest and vigor. Got a room without a view? That’s depressing! For us to smirk, grin or laugh, light is absolutely fundamental. Ordinary room lighting is about 5-200 lux. (A lux is a light level measurement.) To feel benefits, light should be at least 5,000 lux or utilize a very specific color spectrum or wavelength. For common needs, you can conquer darkness with safe and energy-efficient fluorescent tubes. Fixtures lit by LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are another good option. Since LEDs are compact, light and green friendly, they lead the pack in therapeutic lighting. You can find LEDs in all traditional lighting styles, including ceiling lights, chandeliers, pendants, wall sconces, recessed lighting, table and floor lamps, track and even outdoor lighting. Always be sure that lighting choices are UV-shielded to limit contact with harmful rays. See the Wa Wa wall sconce by Catellani & Smith! Want to beam? It's time to let your light shine from inward out! For more information on mood enhancing lighting and design, please visit our showroom.
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