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Top 5 Reasons to Use LED Lighting

Top 5 Reasons to Use LED Lighting

coral ball led suspension lighting When it comes to choosing the best lighting solution for your home, you may feel a bit confused when it comes determining whether the traditional or energy efficiently lighting options will best suit your needs. While LED lighting tends to cost more than more traditional methods, the cost alone should not be deciding factor when it comes to making your lighting decision. Here are a few of the top advantages to using LED lighting in your home over traditional methods so you can determine if this energy efficient lighting option can best meet your needs.


LED Lighting Lasts Longer Than Traditional Lighting

With traditional light bulbs, you may find yourself changing bulbs much more often than you would with an energy efficient LED bulb. Traditional bulbs contain filaments that can fail unexpectedly. An LED bulb is a type of solid state lighting that is designed to last for a minimum of 50,000 hours or more depending on the manufacturer. This means that you could leave a LED lighting fixture 24/7 for at least five years before the bulb would reach the end of its life span. A longer life span means you will need to replace the bulb less, eliminating the added cost required to purchase replacement bulbs for the traditional bulbs that had unexpectedly expired.


LED Lighting Generates Less Heat

Unlike traditional lighting methods, and even the energy efficient CFL bulbs, LEDs generate much less heat. Traditional bulbs usually waste up to 90 percent of the energy they consume as heat, and even the energy efficient CFLs waste 80 percent of the energy as heat. Regardless of how long an LED is left on for, it will continue to remain cool to the touch.

LED Lighting is the Most Durable

One of the major drawbacks of traditional lights is their delicate housing that makes them prone to breaking. Equipped with a filament that can fail at unexpected times, and a glass housing that is can break from excess vibration, LEDs are made from a rugged housing that allows it to withstand most vibrations, impacts, and shocks. This allows them to be installed in more locations, and makes them particularly useful for outdoor lighting situations, where traditional lighting could suffer damage caused by the elements.


LED Lighting Consumes Less Energy than Traditional Methods

In this energy conscious world, LED bulbs go a long way to helping you save money on your electric bills. Unlike traditional lighting options that waste most of the energy they consume creating heat, LEDs utilize 80 percent of the energy they take in to generate light while only 20 percent of that energy wasted with the creation of heat. This means that these energy efficient LED lighting options utilize much less energy in order to light your home, resulting in a decrease in the overall cost of your electric bill with each light bulb you swap out.


LED Lighting is Safe for the Environment

While CFLs were the first energy efficient lighting option released to the public, these lighting options are particularly toxic, due specifically to the mercury that these bulbs create. When these bulbs expire, you cannot just throw them into the trash due to their mercury content. Instead you may need to find a location that specializes in disposable of these toxic substances. LED bulbs are free of all these toxic substances which makes these LED lighting options much safer for the environment. These are just a few of the advantages of LED lighting options. Whether you swap out a few or all the bulbs in your home, this energy efficient solution can help save you money on your electric bill for many years to come.

Bonus Advantage; Awesome Design Options!

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