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Top 10 Favorite Wall Sconces

Top 10 Favorite Wall Sconces

With a vast array of product offerings it is hard not to develop a few favorites and much like a teacher's pet these 10 wall sconces have captured our imagination. Some are whimsical, a few are utilitarian but all are stylish and would be great additions to any space.  Alux Wall Lamp The Alux Wall Lamp is the perfect bedside lamp. The built in shelf offers a safe spot to rest an alarm clock or lay down your e-reader. It provides just enough downward light to let you read in comfort without a glare. Mamamia Wall SconceMamamia Wall Sconce.  The Mamamia Wall Sconce is beautiful design, letting light flow in both directions. It would be a wonderful addition to a commercial space such as a hotel or restaurant. Luca Wall LampWe adore the simplicity of the Luca wall lamp. Made by Almerich, it offers a fabulous small profile and is perfect for small spaces. A grouping of these would illuminate a stairwell with a style. Logico Mini Full Wall SconceLogico Mini Full Wall Sconce The Logico by Artemide offers a unique design with lighting options. The hand blown diffuser can either be mounted for downward or upward lighting. The soft waves of the glass provide a touch of romance. This fixture is sure to bring an air of sophistication to any room. Avani Mini Wall Lamp The Avani by Bover offers a bit of old world glamour with it's ivory shade and iron ribbon detailing. It's perfectly suited to a hotel suite or a well appoint master bedroom. Caboche The Caboche by Foscarini is by far one of the most feminine fixtures we have. Manufactured with blown glass and transparent spheres light refracts through it offering the illusion of tiny diamonds dancing. If you are in need of a little bling for your wall, the Caboche is sure to fit. Confusione P75 The Confusione P75 is a wild sconce. Its anodized aluminium wires shimmer as they wrap around the light source. It is a delicate design that would be a wonderful addition to any space. Atelier Wall Sconce The Atelier is another fixture that offers an air of glamour. If the Caoboche was not enough, the Atelier should be your next choice. Its diamond cut glass shade refracts the light allowing for sparkling shadows. This fixture is a perfect match for the ever popular Hollywood Regency look. Dahlia Wall or Ceiling Light The Dalhia is just fun and whimsical. We love how it seems to "grow" right out of the wall. Create your own Dalhia garden by "planting" several of these sconces in a little girl's room. Daisy Wall Sconce The Daisy is made with mouth-blown glass spheres and comes in several color combinations. We love the polka dots and the way the light dances through them. This piece is ideal for both commercial and residential uses. We think it would add a bit of charm to a laundry room.

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