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Three Tips for choosing the perfect chandelier for your dining room

Three Tips for choosing the perfect chandelier for your dining room

Dining area is arguably the most coveted area of the house, it is the place where entire family gets together for meals, and therefore it remains an area of major social interaction in the house. Choosing the right chandelier for this space is not an easy task, as there are a lot of factors that need to be weighed and taken into account before arriving on a decision. This piece is intended to help you with your choice, and we have also highlighted few important factors that you need to consider before you make the final decision.

Traditional or Contemporary

When it comes to chandeliers, you always are drowned in choices, however broadly speaking all chandeliers can be divided into two categories; Contemporary and traditional. Both types are equally suitable for your space; however in the end it all boils down to the overall feel of the space. If you want to impart a slightly swankier feel to your dining room lighting scheme then contemporary pieces like Rain chandelier should be your go to choice. However, if you wish to maintain a conventional feel in the dining room then a piece like Hope D66/105 Pendant Light should earn a nod of approval from you. Crystal chandeliers are a sure short way to woo your guests, so if you are ever confused in case of chandeliers, crystal chandeliers should be your go-to option. 8501_3

Size Matters

Size of the chandelier is the next characteristic which you need to factor in while making your decision. General rule of thumb says that you measure the room or your dining space and then use the chandelier of similar dimensions, only this time in inches. This is perhaps the easiest way to put things together. terzani-luce-pensata-30254-2012061315032743-stream5 In case, you want to place your chandelier right above your dining table, then you might have to consider other factors such as dining table dimensions and placement of dining table in the room as well. Ideally a small dining table should almost be the same size as of the chandelier. However, if the dining table is large then pieces like Stream J51S and J50S Chandelier could garner spectacular results.

Task or ambient Lighting

Defining the purpose of the chandelier is one of the most important steps while choosing the chandelier. Sadly, many people ignore this factor and eventually end up making a wrong choice. Hence, in order to avoid later grievances you need to dice that what’s the main purpose of the chandelier, it could be used for ambient lighting or for task lighting as well, depending on the overall lighting infrastructure of your space. If you want to employ a chandelier for task lighting then you should go for slightly bulkier pieces like Etoile Chandelier, as they serve as a great source of light and would verily fulfill your needs. If you are looking for LED chandeliers then Arc suspension light could turn out to be a good choice. arc_sosp On the flip side if you want to use a chandelier as a central decoration piece, then there is a wide array of available options. For conventional pieces you could go for something like Botti 250 Pendant Light, it will impart a rustic feel to your dining space and at the same time would not feel like a push over. Then there are pieces like Birdie chandelier, chic in every possible way and yet have a slight vintage feel to themselves, coupled with a wooden dining table, it could paint a scene like a 70’s classic movie. Dining room lighting is an art that is difficult to conjure, but with a crystal chandelier in the center, you can never go wrong. As for the height, your chandelier should at least be 50 inches above the dining table. Anything below than this and people would be bumping their heads.
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