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The Ultimate Guide to Designer Lighting Brands

The Ultimate Guide to Designer Lighting Brands

Designer lighting brands grace your home with a special touch of uniqueness that can't be matched by regular light fittings.

Spending time and energy carefully cultivating your interior aesthetic without adding the perfect light fixtures leaves your look incomplete. Exquisitely crafted decor details deserve to be lit in an equally articulate fashion. To do this requires designer lighting.

With so many lighting designers to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start looking for a designer brand whose style matches your taste.  

It all starts by looking for those designers who take concepts that make your heart beat faster and spin them into reality. Are you just starting out on your journey of brand discovery, or are you looking for fresh lighting design talent? Either way, read on for some advice on how to find the perfect designer lighting brands for your home.

Designer Lighting by Room

Each room in a home has specific lighting needs. To highlight some top designer lighting brands and their unique work, we've paired them up with living spaces that are suited to their lighting style. This by no means limits what you can do with each designer brand's range of lighting. As each brand and the chosen fittings come alive in the context of a room, allow your imagination to run riot with the possibilities for your space. 

The Elegant Entrance Hall

The entrance hall of your home is the perfect place for an eye-catching piece of designer lighting as a foretaste of what's waiting in the rest of your space. As people step into your home, the essence of the ambiance you've created washes over them and welcomes them into your space. 

What does this mean for lighting design in your entrance hall? Your clear vision of the mood you want your house to have should be reflected in the lighting you choose for your entrance hall. For our entrance hall showcase, we picked the designer lighting brand, Brand Van Egmond.  

If your entrance hall is a grand, open, space with a high ceiling, you can go for full drama such as Brand Van Egmond's Arthur Conical Chandelier. Made from steel to reflect a truly contemporary design, the Arthur Conical Chandelier will set the tone for rich opulence throughout the rest of your home.

If your style tends to be more earthy, you don't need to scale back to reflect that. With the Eve 60 Conical Chandelier, you can almost sense the power of nature rooting down deep and holding strongly to that which it values. 

Living Room Luxury

Lighting enhances the mood you create in your living room as much as the furnishing and decor you select. A designer brand that speaks strongly into a living room space is Ingo Maurer.

Create a contemporary aesthetic that borrows charm from old-world colors, by installing the 1000 Karat Blau Pendant Light as a central focal point. Echo the design with a 24 Karat Blau Table Lamp for side tables, mount the 24 Karat Blau Wall Light along the walls for complete harmony. 

For a living room alive with a touch of whimsy, consider the Birdie range by Ingo Maurer. The Birdie Chandelier creates a sense of a flock of birds taking flight. If your space or ceiling height doesn't allow for a chandelier, you can use the Birdie's Nest Ceiling Light, which sits flush against the ceiling. It needs less space than the chandelier but gives a similar effect. Pair the ceiling treatment with the Birdie's Busch Table Lamp for a romantic, light-hearted, living room.

If your living room styling reflects simple elegance, choose the Floatation Pendant Light. This three-tiered neutral circular light fitting lends effortless grace to the room it's installed in, sharing diffused light generously, yet gently. Pair it with the delightfully crinkled Lampampe Table Lamp and the effortless style of the Wo-Tum Bu Floor Lamp

Beautiful Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom lighting design, the lighting needs to be both functional as well as add to the aesthetic of the room. Paris Mirror offers a beautiful range of mirrors. Not only do they provide ideal lighting for beauty regimes and skillful shaving, but they are breath-taking to look at.

Choose between rectangles, ovals, and circular mirrors in a variety of sizes to suit your space. Paris Mirrors come with inbuilt lighting. For a soft effect that picks up on the color of the wall and reflects it into the bathroom, choose a backlit option. For brighter, more direct light, opt for a front-lit mirror.

For added versatility, some front-lit mirrors come with a dimmer function that allows you to adjust the level of brightness. The Paris Mirror range is the perfect combination of beauty and practicality to light your bathroom space.

To add ambient lighting to a bathroom, Sonneman's Accanto Chrome Wall Sconces are elegant and innovative. The slim design lends itself to installation in any space, while the option of one light or two, offers the versatility needed for more light in some rooms.

The other option is the Aileron Railkit, a 35" rail light that comes in a bright satin aluminum finish, or a textured white finish. Due to its length, a rail light is an effective way of using indirect light to brighten up the whole room by bouncing light off the walls.

Bedroom Bliss

Bedrooms are a lighting designer's playground as they can be used as multi-function spaces. While some protect the sanctity of the bedroom as a place of repose, others make use of the space for more than sleeping.  

For those who have busier bedrooms, more is required from the lighting installed in them. They need to be able to transition from a warm, intimate room that is conducive to rest, to office space, a sewing room, or a makeshift gym for online exercise classes.

A general wash of light can be provided by an overhead fixture such as the soft folds of the Irus Ceiling Light from Domus Lighting. The conical shape is softened by using two halves of the covering and the soft, rounded wooden tips poking through on either side.  Pair the ceiling light with the soft diffusion of an Iris Wall Mount that matches the materials and shapes used in the ceiling piece.

For an incandescent desk lamp that matches the feel of the other two lights, choose the Garde Table Lamp. The shade is crafted from Lunapol which mimics Japanese paper. The base is made from premium wood and finished in either walnut oiled, beech, or black cherry stain.

To add an extra layer of task lighting, the wooden Stele Floor Lamp offers smooth dimmer control and more than enough bright light for what you need.

Charismatic Kitchen

Of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is the one that demands practical lighting. Does this mean that your kitchen has to be boring? Far from it! Allow your kitchen lighting design to wander away from the fluorescent strip lights of old and embrace the new styles, shapes, and technology of today. 

If you're leaning towards a natural feel, you might like the Traum Lighting range. Nostalgically reminiscent of the loops of curved wooden shavings from a carpenters plane, Traum lighting brings a unique charm to your culinary space. Install a Tait Ceiling Light for a wash of overall brightness.

Above workstations, choose one of the Traum pendant lights to suit your style. The Sax 250 II has clean lines and focuses the light straight down towards the worktop. The Hexe Pendant Light is a touch quirkier in design and allows a wider spread of light across a working area. All Traum lights are available in a variety of different natural shades.

If your kitchen lends itself to a statement piece, the charm of the Blume Drei Pendant Light is worth considering.

Desirable Dining Room

Dining room lighting is a layered affair that comprises ambient, task, and accent lighting. Your dining room can be casual and relaxed, glitteringly formal, or anything in between. Anthologie Quartett has a variety of light fittings to suit your vision.

Luxury is Anthologie Quartett's favorite playground. Their themed collections such as the geometrically-inspired Alumega Pendant lights and wall sconces create an intriguing focal point suspended over the dining table that echoes on the walls. If decadent luxury is what you're aiming for, the exquisite Rain Oval ceiling lights and sconces will elevate a dining space with their downpour-inspired crystal drops. 

For a whimsical touch that adds elven charm to your dining room, choose a Jahreszeiten chandelier in Autumn, Summer, Spring, Winter, Ice Age, or Frost variation. 

If you're looking for something distinctively different in your dining room, consider pairing the Coffee Cabinet lamp, with the Coffee Light wall sconces. Borrowing inspiration from common coffee cups, these fittings will create a charming atmosphere that is anything but ordinary and will delight diners. 

The Stylish Study

Studies or home offices are more common now than ever before. Each home needs an organized space that is set up for efficiency. Lighting the space after dark working hours is an important part of creating a productive area. 

Tecnolumen's range of lighting is slick and sophisticated, just what you need to stay productive. 

We recommend the Art Déco DAD 33 wall or ceiling light as the main source of light for a study. Made from an ätzmatten glass plate, secured by four black rods, a blend of white lacquered wood, and nickel-plated metal parts. The light given off is softly diffused. 

Chosen to match the ceiling light, the AD 34 Art Déco desk lamp has a rotatable reflector and adjustable bars. This ultra-stylish desk lamp continues the same crisp, professional feeling.

If you have a long table for meetings in your study, you can light it using the HTY 85 Pendant Light. Pair that with a FLAD TLON12 table lamp that is the perfect office desk lamp. With its sleek design, it maintains a sense of order, while bringing the right level of brightness.

If your study is less office and more home library, you can go quirky with the charming Book Light pendant light and the Book Light table lamp. Soft light shines through the plastic 'book'. A charming touch for book lovers! 

The Magnificent Man Cave

For man cave lighting ideas, we took inspiration from Northern lighting. The reindeer head Moo wall sconce adds a quirky twist on the regular hunting trophy, while the Illusion pendant light defies gravity, lights the room, and provides a handy surface for drinks or keys.

If your man cave is spacious enough, consider a feature light such as the Scheisse pendant light. Shaped like a broken traditional incandescent bulb, the light is symbolic of old tech and innovations of the future.

For a general wash of light hang an Acorn pendant light from the ceiling, or invest in a freestanding Birdy floor lamp

Hallways Of Distinction

For well-designed hallways, De Majo has every angle covered. For narrow hallways, you can get away with frosted wall sconces. The simple curves of the Memory A wall sconces mounted at intervals will give sufficient light in a narrow hallway. 

If your hallway is longer, wider, or has high, vaulted ceilings, you'll need extra light fittings. For a delicate play of light choose textured glass such as the Otto x Otto range from De Majo. The flat edges and corners of the square glass fittings are mirrored in the reflective chrome mounting. Otto x Otto sconces come in single, double, or triple light options.

Ceiling lights in the Otto x Otto range give you a full range of options to choose from. If a single light won't be enough to effectively light the area, you can opt for the five-light option mounted on a chrome base. The same textured square glass fittings come as pendant lights and full-on chandeliers.  

Outdoor and Patio Lights

Outdoor living done right makes life feel like a holiday. Great outdoor lighting unlocks your outside area for use all through summer. Moduluce Lighting has a fresh contemporary range of outdoor lighting.

The Atollino Outdoor Pendant light is perfectly suited to light outdoor dining tables. The lamp either comes with a Polyethelene shade in a variety of fresh colors or in white painted metal. Pair it with the Atollino Outdoor wall or ceiling lamp for a perfect match. 

For a colorful outdoor experience that has a built-in celebration vibe, the Atollino Table with Pouf is both furniture and a light source. Pick a single color to match your design, or go multi-colored. In a similar vein, Modoluce also presents the Campanone, an outdoor floor, or table-mounted luminaire. Designed to be weather resistant, you can use it as a table for small objects or with a cushion as seating. With nine color options to choose from, this delightful lamp adds a modern touch to an outdoor space. 

Lighting for Landscaping

Take your designs beyond where your porch ends and into your garden. Part of creating your home's lighting design is to choose lighting for driveways, pathways, stairs, and in amongst your greenery. 

B.Lux has a fine range of outdoor lighting to choose from, ranging from the rectangular lines of the Frame Outdoor Floor Lamp to the fresh innovative shape of the frosted Kanpazar lamps. Wall-mounted lights are an elegant choice for outside lighting.

When choosing landscaping lights, keep light pollution in mind. Light pollution is a growing problem worldwide which is affecting animals and people too. Avoiding light pollution by choosing lights that aim down to light the path, rather than shine upward and lose their light to the sky. 

You can also buy hoods for your lights to help curb the problem of light pollution. With a few simple changes, you'll become part of the solution to this growing global issue.  

Why Choose Designer Lighting Solutions?

Have you ever noticed how walking into a room makes you feel? A lot of this has to do with lighting. If a room is lit with warm, inviting light, you’ll find yourself feeling relaxed. If a room is too dimly, or too harshly lit, it will affect your mood too.

Biological and Physical Effects of Lighting

Good lighting has a stabilizing effect on your circadian rhythm. This has an influence on your mood and helps you sleep better at night.  Good light can help reduce depression and has been shown to increase the performance of the brain.

It’s a fact that shouldn’t be ignored, good lighting has a great influence on our mood and well-being.

What Does This Mean for How You Design the Lighting for Your Space?

Don’t leave your lighting design for the end of the room design process. If you’re working with a lighting designer, make sure they connect with the architect and the electrician. It helps the whole process run smoothly and deliver the end result you want.

Lighting Design Creates the Illusion of Space

Insufficient lighting will cause a room to feel cramped and smaller than it is. Clever distribution of light and intentional light layering will eliminate shadows and create the illusion of more space than there is.

Lighting Design for Increased Productivity

Whether it applies to your work at home, or the kids and their schoolwork, poor lighting can have a bad effect on productivity. The opposite is also true. Good lighting increases mood and productivity.

Lighting Design Offers Cutting Edge Flexibility

Technology is constantly changing even when it comes to lighting. With the latest advances, you can adjust the mood in your space with ease. Your lighting consultant can walk you through smart lighting controls and show you pre-set lighting scenes.  

What To Look For In Designer Lighting Brands

Finding the designer lighting brand that best suits your taste and the aesthetic of your home doesn't have to be hard. The more you get to know yourself and what you like, the easier it will be for you to choose. Here are three things to pay attention to as you go about searching for your new favorite designer lighting brand.

Lighting Design That Resonates

As you look at different light fixtures, take note of those that make your heart pop. There will be some that resonate with you and feel right, even if you don't really know why. Keep track of those fixtures and compare all the ones that have had an effect on you. Look for similarities and find the common elements and brands.  

Blend With Existing Design Elements

If your rooms have already been decorated, then make sure that the designer lighting brand you choose blends in or complements the mood, color, style, and feel of the story that your rooms are telling. 

Values That Match Yours 

If sustainability and eco-friendly living are important to you, look for lighting brands that hold those things as core values for their operations. Part of that might be sourcing light fittings that use components that are grown or produced in sustainable ways.

Lighting Design Brands for You

Armed with what to look for in designer lighting brands, you can continue your search with confidence. If you're still not completely sure what lighting style would be best for your home, never fear. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are ready and waiting to talk you through your choices.

If you'd like to book a time to speak to a lighting professional, our consultants are waiting to hear from you. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and have many years of experience in the field. Contact us to book your appointment today. 

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