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SURPRISE! SURPRISE!  Look at Recessed Lighting Now!

SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Look at Recessed Lighting Now!

Once known for only task and accent lighting, recessed lamps are now offered in surprisingly endless styles and materials to enhance your every room, walk way and decor. Whether you require overhead illumination for working, want to add luxury, glowing appeal to a hallway or seek to enlarge a room by broadcasting light, there’s a recessed fixture solution for you and Interior-Deluxe is your contemporary source! The Slot recessed fixture by Fontana Arte is a very unique approach to low level accent luminosity. Made for walls or ceilings, the lamp is a series of indirect, dimmable fluorescent emissions. Appropriate for both residential and commercial settings, the Slot is an uncommon and interesting light treatment that evokes warmth and invites you forward. Another wonderful wall lamp is the Incas recessed light by Linea.  Made of metal and glass and available in many finishes, the Incas lamp is a soft and modern method for opening space through clean, subtle light.   Gorgeous and regal is the Spring recessed fixture by Morosini. Sparkling light diffused from metal spirals looks lovely and plush against a crushed velvet or suede ceiling treatment. With finishes of chrome, polished black or white, the Spring lamp is perfect for home, home or even yacht! Suspended like a jeweled treasure is Swarovski’s 12.6” Turns recessed light. Twenty prisms of cut crystal make this fixture a confident design statement for tall, large rooms, including those found in restaurants and hotels. Also from Swarovski is the Crystal Galaxy 70 Stars recessed fiber optic lighting system. Bring constellations into your home or hall for endless eves under moon and planets. Did you think recessed lighting could look like this? Stalagmite or stalactite? Ancient caves are revived in the Lizar recessed light by Terzani. Graceful and ingenious all at once, this is another extraordinary fixture that captures the ages through visual creativity and inventive design schematics. Still looking for a conventional recessed light? Check out the Omm Focus spotlight by Tobias Grau. Fashionable and sleek, it offers targeted, direct light with the range of a full circle. So who knew? These enticing design advances in recessed lighting make it easy for you to showcase your home, office or business with incredible and contemporary style. Contact or visit Interior-Deluxe for more information.
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