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Shedding some light: don't forget these spaces in your home

Shedding some light: don't forget these spaces in your home

It is just as important to light places like the stairway, entryway and laundry room as it is to illuminate larger spaces in your home, such as the living room and bedroom. However, it can be a little confusing because there are so many options out there to choose from.

Yet, decorating tighter areas doesn't have to make you feel like you are taking a final exam. All that is necessary is that you follow a few simple tips.

When it comes to lighting your foyer, make sure there is plenty of general lighting that is given off by fixtures such as contemporary modern chandeliers, or something smaller like a modern ceiling pendant. This will not only add a decorative touch, but it will also ensure that guests that have just entered your home have plenty of warm and welcoming light.

Next, it is important to remember to install plenty of lighting in your hallway. This will help guarantee sleepy family members don't bump into things on their way to the bathroom at night, but it will also help highlight any beautiful artwork or family photos you have hanging in your walls. Lighting experts recommend hallways should be illuminated every eight to 10 feet.

Just like the hallway, illuminating a stairwell will help lessen the probability of an accident. Considering hanging something such as a beautiful da vinci chandelier.

Finally, don't forget about installing some type of lighting in your laundry room. And because this is most likely a room many people won't be visiting, it isn't necessarily important to spend a lot of money furnish this space with light. Try using recessed fixtures or track lighting to help make washing, drying and folding laundry a bit easier.

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