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Set the Mood: Tom Dixon Lighting For Every Room in the House

Set the Mood: Tom Dixon Lighting For Every Room in the House

Tom Dixon


Did you know that the lighting in your home is directly tied to your mood? When there’s sufficient light in a space, your energy levels heighten, your feel more wakeful, and even your digestion improves.

While we know this is true of natural sunlight, experts maintain that indoor lights can also have this effect. The key is to replicate nature’s elixir by mimicking the sun’s rotation. In other words, you should rely on bright lights during the day and softer, dimmer lights in the evening and dawn hours. 

Looking to drape your home in gorgeous illumination, from sun-up to sundown? 

Tom Dixon Lighting offers the ultimate in modern, streamlined light design, adding instant style to any room. Today, we’re sharing how to effortlessly incorporate these timeless pieces into your home, starting today.

What Is Tom Dixon Lighting?

Before we dive into the line’s functionally beautiful pieces, it pays to understand a little more about the history behind the brand.

If you notice ingenuity and creativity in every element of a Tom Dixon light, it isn’t accidental. 

The artist and visionary attended art school in the 1970s, spending his formidable years studying pottery and life drawing. It was here that Tom learned the basic constructs of materiality and manufacturing, along with the importance of great form.

After a brief stint in the music industry that taught him both creative expression and the basics of commerce, Tom began making furniture in 1983. Inspired by a friend who owned an auto-body repair shop, he dove into the practice of oxy-acetylene welding. Motivated by speed in which he could make things, he designed and built 100 chairs in his first year of business.

Five years later, Tom created his first light: a curvy, spiral lamp that would be indicative of the freeform, innovative designs that would become his trademark. Since then, he’s spent nearly three decades perfecting his craft, offering one-of-a-kind furniture and lighting collections that are beloved by avid collectors, art enthusiasts, and luxury homeowners alike. 

The official Tom Dixon brand was established in London in 2002 and continues to be a mainstay in the high-fashion home interior scene. 

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing space, there isn’t a room in the house that can’t be made more glamorous and interesting with an exquisite Tom Dixon piece. 

To help direct and guide your investment, let’s take a look at some of the brand’s most popular and eye-catching pieces, designed to amplify every space, from the kitchen to the bedroom.

In the Kitchen: Unique Pendants That Captivate

Pendant lights have long been associated with the kitchen. Suspended from the ceiling, they can be grouped over an oversized island, hung over a windowside sink, or used above countertops as task lights.

When you’re ready to choose some for your own home, one internet search will reveal that there are thousands of options, ranging from the rustic and farmhouse-inspired to the super-glam and contemporary.

When you want to cut out the noise and head straight to an on-trend piece that has major staying power, a Tom Dixon pendant is ideal. Unfussy in design but unmatched in style, these are the statement pieces you need to tie together the other elements in your kitchen. Here are a few of our favorites.

Copper Round Shade

Spanning 45 cm (17.7 inches), the Tom Dixon Copper Round Shade offers maximum shine, with just the right touch of throwback simplicity.

Yet, what makes this piece truly spectacular is the manufacturing process behind it. The trademark copper shade is made by physically exploding a thin layer of pure metal onto the inner surface of a polycarbonate globe. This exclusive process results in a highly reflective piece that still delivers a warm, soft glow thanks to a thin layer of pure copper added to the interior of each sphere.

Add one of these pendants above your sink, and you’ll want to wash dishes every night. Or, group a few together for a statement chandelier that will leave the neighbors talking, for all the right reasons. If you love the look of a cluster but need a smaller-scale pendant, this design is also offered in a 25 cm size, or 9.8 inches. 

Mirror Ball Pendant Light

No disco dreams here! This mirror ball is 100% classy and ready to transform the look of your kitchen.

Available in a range of sizes including 50 cm (19.7 inches), 40 cm (15.7 inches), or 25 cm (9.8 inches), there’s a Mirror Ball Pendant Light for every spot.

When you need something that strikes a mid-range balance, go for the Tom Dixon Mirror Ball 40 Pendant Light, a spectacular fixture that’s bathed in shiny, metallic gold. 

Created using the same manufacturing process as the Copper Round Shade, this pendant also features a thin layer of pure metal, exploded onto the inner surface of a polycarbonate globe. Slightly retro in design, it’s structurally exquisite and a trio would look fantastic over a long kitchen island.

Beat Fat Pendant Light

In India, brass cooking pots and water vessels are traditionally crafted in a structurally unique manner, with outturned edges that juxtapose an otherwise simplistic design.

This form was the inspiration behind the Beat Fat Brass Pendant Light

A show-stopping pendant that’s hand-spun, hand-beaten, and hand-polished by skilled craftsmen in Moradabad, Northern India, the artistry is apparent from first glance. 

Made of pure brass, this light fixture features a wide waist and a tapered neck, as well as a lacquered inner shade that funnels light softly over any surface. A pair would make an incredible statement piece over your island, though a single pendant can still hold its own.

The best part? The Beat Fat pendant is also available in other finishes, including black and white. Mix and match for a stunning, color-blocked look or keep the aesthetic streamlined and sleek.

Looking for a variation that’s slightly more modern? If so, you can also consider the Tom Dixon Beat Wide Black Pendant Light, which is also available in brass, matte white, and grey. Crafted in the same manner as the other pendants in the Beat Fat collection, this model is flatter and wider in design and looks great paired with the other pieces. 

Similar choices include the Tom Dixon Beat Flat Pendant Light, which features a slightly thicker base and exposed 

In the Dining Room: Statement Pieces That Deliver

Your dining room offers an ideal opportunity to impress your guests. It’s in here that you’ll enjoy those special holiday meals, romantic dinners, or long evenings with friends and family members. As such, you need more than overhead can lights to make the right impression.

Enter, Tom Dixon Lighting. This collection is filled with dazzling pendants and chandeliers that your dinner guests will be talking about long after the last course is served. Let’s check out some of the line’s top sellers.

Plane Chandelier

When you want to create a one-of-a-kind dining experience, you need a fixture that’s equally exclusive. This is definitely the case with the Tom Dixon Plane Chandelier!

A new addition to the brand’s more extensive Plane collection, this two-toned fixture is both sculptural and dramatic. Immediately, your eyes are drawn to the 18 double-layered white glass spheres, which are distributed gorgeously over four brass-plated tiers. 

A high-end twist on the popular Sputnik light trend, this is one look that you’ll be hard-pressed to match anywhere else. Designed with an uncontested ingenuity, it’s a singular piece that you’ll adore admiring. 

If your space is a little narrower, try the Tom Dixon Plane Drop Chandelier instead. Featuring the same white glass spheres, this light is more rectangular, featuring seven shorter brass tiers arranged in a linear design. 

Due to their dramatic height, homeowners also love to feature the Plane chandeliers in their entryways or at the top of a grand, winding staircase. 

If you plan to use them in your dining room, measure to make sure that you’ll have plenty of clearance between the fixture and your table. The Plane Drop Chandelier is 154 cm (60.6 inches) tall and the Plane Chandelier is 75.4 cm (30 inches) tall.

One more addition to the Plane collection is the Tom Dixon Plane Round Pendant Light. Drawing inspiration from traditional sphered pendants, this fixture features a single white glass sphere encased on all sides by a circular piece of brass-plated steel. 

The shade offers soft, diffused light while the brass frame catches and scatters the brilliance. Not only would this chandelier look great over your dining room table, but it’s also a popular addition to hallways and bedrooms. 

Etch Pendant Light

Eclectic homeowners with an eye for bold interiors will appreciate the spectacular geodesic design of Tom Dixon’s Etch Pendant Lights. 

If your dining room is light and airy, flanked with light wood tones and clean lines, the Tom Dixon Etch Steel Pendant Light is an ideal addition. Inspired by the concrete realism of math and geometry, this pendant consists of several etched metal sheets, each only 0.4 mm thick. 

When lit, this fixture creates a remarkable array of shadows due to the intricate designed cut into the metal. 

Digitally manufactured for exact precision, the process follows the same mechanisms used to produce complex electronic products, including circuit boards. First, the designs are photo-etched onto the individual metal sheets. Then, any area that remains unexposed is dissolved with acid. 

The result is a modern mosaic that allows just enough space for light to gently filter through. In addition to steel, this pendant is also available in black and brass. 

If you love the look of the Etch design, you can also find it as a candleholder! Pair two on an antique console table, and your dining room design is complete. 

Want to really amplify your space? Take a look at the supersized version, available in 50 cm compared to the 32 cm on the standard sized. The Tom Dixon Etch 50 Brass Pendant Light easily commands any room it’s in, and will become an instant conversation-starter.


Cut Tall Pendant Light

Unfailingly cool and futuristic, the Tom Dixon Cut Tall Pendant Light is a master class in skilled design. Unlit, the fixture emits a high-gloss, mirror-like finish that adds a space-age touch to any dining room.

Yet, the real show begins once you illuminate this incredible piece. Suddenly, the entire room is aglow with a kaleidoscope of light, with delicate shadows cast in every direction. Depending on the vibe you want to create, you can select from either a shiny chrome or muted black finish.

Adding to the options, the Cut Tall Pendant Light is also available in a few different sizes, including small and long. You can also select it as a surface light in lieu of a pendant. If your dining space is glam and opulent, this luxe fixture is a smart addition. 

Melt Pendant Light

Tom’s early work in innovative welding and manufacturing is evident in the way his brand approaches every facet of the design process. Arguably nowhere is this more apparent than in the Melt Pendant Light series, which applies the advanced field of vacuum metallization to create a fixture that appears to ooze style.

Designed in collaboration with the progressive Swedish design collective FRONT, these pendants take on a blown-glass effect when unlit. Flip the switch, and their glimmering mirror finish is on full display. 

While the Tom Dixon Melt Chrome Pendant Light gorgeously complements cool-toned rooms, it’s also available in a stunning copper finish. If you’re working with a smaller space, you can opt for the mini versions. These pendants feature a 27 cm diameter, compared to the standard size of 50 cm. 

Living Room and Bedroom

Looking for the perfect lights to brighten your bedside tables? What about an accent light to designate a conversation area in your living room? 

These next few lights provide the perfect amount of illumination to your favorite reading nook, your family sectional or your master bedroom.

Base Table Lamp

When you’re looking for the perfect accent piece, there’s nothing better than the understated elegance of a Tom Dixon table lamp. Place one strategically anywhere you need just the right amount of area light, and you’ll elevate the space in seconds. 

This is especially the case with the Tom Dixon Base Brass Table Lamp

Available with either a brass or copper shade, it’s unique, substantial and demands attention. The main feature point of this piece is the matte, cast iron base, which gives the lamp an industrial look that works with nearly every decor type. 

The base is created by a specialized process called sand casting, which requires compacting sand into a casting box, and then pouring in liquid iron to create a specified shape. In other words, it’s as substantial, durable and long-lasting as possible, meant to be a special piece in your home for years to come.

Not to be outdone, the shade is exquisite in its own right, perfectly polished to a high sheen that adds a touch of glamour. If you’re prone to a minimalist or modern aesthetic, this lamp is a must-have. Equipped with 118 inches of black fabric cable, it will easily fit onto a bedside table, desk, or anywhere else you need a luxurious light. 

Melt Stand Chandelier Floor Lamp

Why stick with a conventional, shaded floor lamp when you could wow everyone with a piece of art that happens to double as a light source?

You’ll get it all with the Tom Dixon Melt Stand Chandelier Floor Lamp

Made of polycarbonate with a divine polished finish, this stunner is another piece in the brand’s Melt collection, which also includes the standard-size pendants and mini pendants described above. 

In fact, this floor lamp includes both of the shades that you’ll find on these pendant lights. Specifically, it features three Melt Mini shades and four Melt shades, for a comprehensive look that’s as intriguing as it is beautiful. Like the pendants, the floor lamp is also made via vacuum metalization. 

Affixed atop a matching gold base consisting of three slender legs, you’ll want to find a very special spot for this one. 


Does your bathroom vanity need a pick-me-up? If you’ve grown tired of standard vanity lights above your mirror, it’s time to switch it up and add a high-style touch. These lights are low-profile enough to work in this space without overwhelming it. 

Base Brass Wall Sconce

If you want to stray away from overhead vanity lights (or if space doesn’t allow), then the Tom Dixon Base Brass Wall Sconce is an excellent alternative. 

Designed in the same aesthetic and using the same manufacturing process as the Base Brass Table Lamp, this brass and black fixture will look stunning beside a black-framed mirror. It also looks equally at home in a living room or home office.

Melt Surface Wall Sconce

Yet another brilliant addition to the brand’s Melt line, the Tom Dixon Melt Surface Wall Sconce is a modern take on the traditional globe sconce. 

Also developed in coordination with FRONT, this sconce features a distorted lighting globe that’s designed to look as though it’s melting off your wall. This creates a cutting-edge look that you can’t find anywhere else. Available in copper, chrome or gold, you can mix the finishes you want or stick to a singular tone. 

While these might be too substantial to flank a vanity mirror, they could add a heavy dose of drama as a feature light near a dressing room or adjacent to a bathroom sitting area.

Beat Black Wall Sconce

A conical sconce on either side of your mirror might not be a brand-new take, but never has the design been done with such attention to detail.

The Tom Dixon Beat Black Wall Sconce showcases a miniature cone shape on top which melds seamlessly into a larger inverted cone on the bottom. 

As with the Beat Fat Pendant, this fixture was also inspired by traditional Indian water vessels, and the hand-beaten spun brass reveals the time-honored expertise woven into each piece. If you think the matte black exterior is gorgeous, take a look at the unique pattern on the inner shade.

For moments when you need just a soft amount of light, this sconce comes equipped with a built-in dimmer dial made of solid brass. To keep this aesthetic going throughout your whole house, pair this wall sconce with the Tom Dixon Beat Tall Black Pendant Light in a dining or kitchen area.

Shop Our Collection of Tom Dixon Lighting

You don’t have to travel around the world to gain exclusive access to some of the top interior designs in the world.

We’ve collaborated with some of the top brands in the luxury home goods space to give you direct access to remarkable accents that can transform the look of your home.

If you want to make a major statement with your light design, then Tom Dixon Lighting is the way to go. Whether you choose simple, streamlined pendants or elaborate, futuristic chandeliers, you can rest assured that you’re getting an incredible piece you won’t find through traditional retailers.

Need help with your lighting installation? We can provide that, too. Our team includes knowledgeable support specialists and licensed electricians, who are on hand to guide you through the process. We can even perform the installation for you upon request.

Feel free to shop our full collection of Tom Dixon Lighting to inspire and jumpstart your search for the perfect fixture. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to reach out to our team.

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