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Nice Day for a White Wedding! Marry Light with White!

Nice Day for a White Wedding! Marry Light with White!

Do you live in Miami where décor is clean and contemporary? Or maybe Aspen, where furnishings invite the woods and mountains in? Perhaps Georgetown or Beverly Hills where traditional elegance reigns? Well little sister … it’s a nice day for a white wedding! It’s a nice day to start again! Pair white décor with light, life and style in fresh approaches to modern home illumination.

Beach design is airy, smooth and sophisticated. Shine the Miami wall sconce above your bed to bathe in washed, diffused and peaceful light while the waves roll in nearby. Combine white on white bedding, window coverings and area rugs with walls of pristine deep blue.  Float in monochromatic ambiance.

In the mountains, the splendor and courtship of sky, rock and wood is blended into all better home design. The Flos Pochette wall sconce is the perfect accent lighting to highlight fresh mountain views, bright sun and textural architecture. Crisp white walls are warmed with the lamp’s beautiful lines and single dimmable light.

More traditional tastes tuned into refinement will love how matte walls, silkened window coverings and cream cashmere throws are softly lit beneathe the Bolero L3 chandelier by Gallery. White palettes become enriched with tones of grey, brown and gold and work together with this graceful fixture to illuminate any luxury setting.

The aisle to your white escape awaits, be it a tropical Florida beach, a hidden mountain retreat or a refined and lavish abode.  Light your romance with white and visit or contact our showroom today.
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