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New energy efficient technology could save U.K. over a billion pounds a year

New energy efficient technology could save U.K. over a billion pounds a year

Switching to newer, more efficient lighting technologies in the United Kingdom could save $1.4 billion pounds a year, which equals $2.2 billion American dollars, according to Vita Energia Solutions, one of the U.K.'s most well-known energy efficient lighting firms.

The report, entitled "The Light Bulb Moment," advocates switching to more energy efficient lighting technologies. But, surprisingly, the data does not make the case for switching to LED lighting. Instead, Vita Energia says its research indicates T5 lighting is a better option, as this type of fluorescent lighting provides more light output per watt than LEDs, a lower lifecycle cost and increased and comparable reliability.

"The calculations are very robust, they are based on detailed surveys of lighting technologies, fittings and energy prices at a variety of locations," Vita Energia director Duncan Stevens said in a statement. "The evidence is there that energy efficient lighting systems can save firms a lot of money."

Duncan stated that he thinks far too many businesses are failing to install more efficient lighting systems because the economic recession has cut into their budgets. And although companies could save more money in the long term, at the moment, these companies aren't ready to spend the initial money needed to revamp their lighting.

But, to simply say that businesses could save money by switching to more efficient lighting system is an understatement. The report found that companies could save an average of almost 59 percent each year.

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