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Need a Stage Hand? Light Your Home to Sell Fast!

Need a Stage Hand? Light Your Home to Sell Fast!

In today’s economy, selling a home quickly at the right price is challenging to say the least. Make a grand first impression to potential buyers and cast the best light on your home’s appeal with these illuminating tips:

Each and every space in and around the home should be lit for flattery and possibility. You want to shine the light for home buyers on why your home should be theirs. A key point here is to keep lighting choices transitional and moderate in style, so as not to impose your taste on others.

Beginning curb side, your home should appear groomed and inviting. Enhance your drive, walk, front entry, landscaping, patio and back deck with both directed and luminous fixtures. See our outdoor lighting options!  Welcome buyers in by calling out architectural function, beauty and contour. Show off the “build” of the home and lawn. Also, make sure your address is highly visible. (They’ve got to find it to buy it!)

Upon entry, further guest reception by creating an ambient glow in your foyer. A space appropriate chandelier or pendant works well, as do matched mini table lamps spaced pleasingly on a credenza or console.

Invite buyers into your living room with fashionable, but purposeful lighting that endorses entertainment.  After all, that’s what the space is for! Table lamps and floor lamps work wonderfully to accentuate and balance living room design and balance.  There’s no need to flood the room with light, just give it brightness and energy. If you have the benefit of natural light, by all means use it!

As buyers review the dining room, they’ll want to imagine their friends and family there. Clarify and highlight their vision placing one chandelier or pendant as an over table focal point. Wire a dimmer to this fixture to add flexible ambiance. Use room size and lay-out to determine fixture selection. As always, augment views and natural light.

It’s important for the kitchen to be welcoming, but be sure to show off work space and countertops with a mixture of task, pendant and ceiling lighting.

Bathrooms should be fairly bright, found with one ceiling fixture or through natural light. You can also choose simple but stylish vanity lights and maybe add a sconce or two for quiet interest.

For bedrooms, help buyers picture peace and relaxation by utilizing window and balcony light. Create softer warmth with bedside lamps and recessed, dimmable lighting. Sitting areas, alcoves and dressing rooms can all be lit with supplemental fixtures like floor and table lamps. In a child’s bedroom, be playful and colorful.

For more on appropriate lighting choices for home staging, visit or contact our showroom!

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