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Naturally green light for garden and patio

Naturally green light for garden and patio

Garden, patio and balcony can be easily upgraded by good lighting. During summer, you can expand your living space and during winter you benefit from a visible outside space, which is created by light at night. Garden, patio or balcony are perfect for a light show, because here you can enjoy the drama of light and shadow much more than in the interior of the house, where practical considerations are in the foreground. Let yourself be charmed with light emotions. Because only through the lighting at night a perceptible space arises - without light nothing would be visible in the darkness. Moonlight   A true Evergreen are these classic white plastic balls from Moonlight. They offer a beautiful luminous view on any patio, in any garden or floating in the pool. Another issue is the security aspect: the decorative garden lighting is something different than the necessary illumination of the paths and the entrance to the house. The access areas should create a sense of security while preventing you or your guests stumbling over poorly visible steps. Another type of night illumination can be the exterior lighting of the house: when you come to a building at night, the lighting is the thing that gives you a first impression. The business card of the house A lighted path and a bright entrance area are inviting and give you a pleasant feeling when you return home every day. Depending on the situation, bollard luminaires, a glass pane illuminated from the inside or significantly brighter downlights on the roof are suitable. Ensure that individual steps or problem areas are well lit. However, the luminaires should not be blinding and can be equipped with energy-saving lamps. Use energy saving lamps or LEDs, which can either be kept on all night or switched on and off automatically by motion sensors or heat sensors. Reeds floor lamp   Reeds floor lamp is designed to illuminate garden paths. Play of light and shadow The lighting of the garden serves primarily decorative purposes. This is why you do not need any headlights to illuminate your garden completely. It is rather the effective placement of some lights and the play of light and shadow. Create magical attractions and islands of light in your garden by illuminating a water surface from the inside or transforming the living surface of a dry wall by streaking light into a stunning natural relief. AmbientLED by Paulmann   Bollard luminaires, which mark footpaths, are recommended for safe road lighting. The AmbientLED by Paulmann is available in three different decorative designs. Illuminate trees and bushes from behind or choose picturesque individual objects, which will impress you effectively. If you sit relaxed with the guests on your patio in the evening, you have the choice between lantern-like lighting and more architecturally inspired light sources, such as ground recessed luminaires or lower mast lights. In any case, some ground-luminaires are attractive as lighting objects or as spots which illuminate the plants. You can combine the lighting with a dimmer switch, which switches the light on and off independently of the daytime. If you want to read on the terrace, separately switchable wall luminaires for directed light are the means of choice. You can also create lively and harmonious lighting for special moments with torches, which can be placed around the seating group and can be complemented by candles. Security in outdoor areas With all the enjoyment of the night lighting, you should take care of illuminated paths throughout the garden. The brightness differences to darker and mysterious zones of the garden should not be too big, however, our eyes are very quickly accustomed to the lower brightness. Especially bright light sources are therefore not necessary. Only steps, leveling behind walls or water surfaces should be clearly visible. Take special care with stairs: you should illuminate the entire staircase area. An elegant option are wall luminaires near the ground. If you use energy-saving LED bulbs, you can also let the light turned on at night; otherwise it is advisable to control the lighting via time switches or motion detectors.   Light cubes by Moree "Please take a seat"! Enchanting and colorful light cubes by Moree invite to a garden party. In the case of outdoor lighting systems, you should seek professional advice due to the higher safety requirements. Moisture, foliage and changing weather influences might affect the cables and lights. For this reason, cables should be buried at least 60 cm deep. When planning your exterior lighting, please take into account that the lighting of the garden or patio can also reflect in your house: if it is too bright outside, it is also uncomfortable inside. This is also the other way around: the outdoors can suffer when there is too much light coming from the house to the outside.
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