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Form Follows Function In Modern Lighting

Form Follows Function In Modern Lighting

When you think of modern art chances are good that a lighting fixture is not the first thing to come to mind, perhaps it should. Since the days of Thomas Edison, lighting, like architecture, has served a functional purpose but it wasn't until the birth of the Functionalism movement in modern architecture that designers and engineers began to marry function with form and create some of the most amazing works of art. Most of today's lighting is sculptural with unique materials, geometric shapes and vibrant colors. Today we will look at a few of our favorites. Crown Major Suspension The newest piece to earn our admiration is the Crown Major Chandelier, by Nemo Italianaluce. It is a modern take on the classic candelabra, with 30 tiered halogen bulbs. This chandelier would make quite the statement in a two story entry-way or as a welcoming piece in a modern office building. Designed by Markus Jehs and Jurgen Laub it is a true work of art. Illico 4 wall sconce Color blocking has been a major trend in fashion and home décor over the last year, so it's no wonder we think the Illico 4 wall sconce by Dix Heures Dix is pretty sweet. Made of frosted plexiglass, its diffusers in the flou finish mix yellow, white and hot pink to create a modern wall lamp with a lot of artistic appeal. Wouldn't this look great in the kids playroom? Fly Light Small Suspension Who says a chandelier has to have to a shade? We are glad that the Fly Light suspension lamp breaks that mold. Designed by Luca Centofante for Movelight, this suspension lamp offers up a unique maze of light as each of the six halogen bulbs rest in the crook of the upper most angles. Adorned with many geometric angles this suspension lamp is a delightful piece of art. Chaos table lamp The Chaos low table lamp designed by Stran and Hvass for Materialise is a show stopper. We love how the “chaos” diffuser throws light through each tiny hole it creates. It reminds us of a bird's nest turned upside down. This low cubed lamp is perfect for any space and offers a soft glow of ambient light. Manufactured by using a 3D printer this fixture truly leverages modern engineering. Louis Sullivan's coined phrase, “form follows function” wasn't just taken to heart by the architects of the modern era but has also been embraced by the creative lighting designers of our time.
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