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Magical moments of light

Magical moments of light

You can give your garden a very special magic with light furniture and indirect illumination of plants. This guarantees that your next garden party will be an unforgettable feast. Ali Babig by Karman Magical light such as in thousand and one nights: This lamp comes as a wall and floor version. The fiber glass lamp was designed by Matteo Ugolini. With elaborate lighting you can experience your garden as an outdoor space at night as well. Under your direction it becomes a stage, which is completely different from what you see during the day. Turn your garden into a field of experimentation, because most likely you will try a more effective play of light and shadow than in your home. Garden lighting is less about practical light sources, but rather about an exciting night-time setting. Just consider the garden lighting as a painting. Create a tension between bright islands of light and barely lit areas. Design magical attractions in your garden by using illuminated seating or planters. Objects made out of opaque plastic create interesting effects. If you control furniture and objects by a remote light control panel, you can even create your own choreography of colors, brightness and rhythm. Your guests will definitely be impressed. Use - if available – water surfaces that are lit from the inside. Pillow collection by Vondom This collection consists of rugged, weather-resistant plastic. The RGB-LED lighting can be set remotely in the colors white, yellow, green, red, blue, light blue and pink. Especially waterproof light fixtures or lamps between plants or under water are thrilling. Trees and shrubs can be illuminated very well from behind. The resulting silhouettes can be perceived as effective scenes. Experiment with different lighting moods! If you're throwing a party, you will see how beautiful it is to create emotions with light and to give all your guests the experience of an unforgettable evening. The feeling of being at the right time in the right place is probably one of the most beautiful experiences a guest can have. Above all imaginative lighting design is important for the setting next to the appropriate drinks and the guests themselves - it creates the actual frame of the place at night. A significant contribution to the success of your party will depend on the correct illumination. Be inspired and experiment a few days in advance and you will experience your garden like you've never seen it before! A nice side-effect of the whole effort is that you can use the garden lights in certain variations every day. Also, remember during the preparations, that a too brightly-lit garden will also let light shine in your home: If it is too bright outside, it becomes uncomfortable inside as well. The same applies vice versa: The outdoor atmosphere can suffer when too much light shines from the house. Port lights by Vibia These light fixtures reflect the traditional Japanese lanterns in a modern way. Practical detail: The lights are portable and can be placed by the pool, on a table or in your garden area. How to achieve effective illumination of your garden? There are no magic recipes, because the possibilities are as varied as the viewers. It is only important that you do not use too much light and completely illuminate your garden. It is all about the game of light and shadow. A few lamps or individual lighting furniture may be adequate. A basic lighting is advisable, complemented by accent lighting. Thus, set priorities and structure the outdoor space. Especially smaller gardens receive optical depth if you arrange the lamps based on their light intensity. High brightness puts these parts of the garden in the foreground; weaker light can move objects to the background. Not too bright or scattered light can give the impression of the hidden or even unattainable. In this way, your garden looks more spacious than it actually is. In addition to basic and accent lighting, which illuminate nature, there is yet a third possibility of outdoor lighting: In this case the light radiates from larger light objects. You can also create a structure by positioning creative arrangements. This proves especially promising in gardens with fewer plants or other items that could be illuminated. Peacock lamp planter Recently many designers started using the formal potentials of the most transparent and free-form plastics. They range from flexible domes with clear or colored bodies to free form objects. The surfaces are either silky matte or as smooth as glass and have a pleasant tactile appeal due to their usually warm surfaces as well. vondom-peacock-6-bThis lamp can be used as a planter, so that a palm tree represents the wheel of the peacock. There are no limits to free formability. The advantages of glass objects are clearly obvious: no other material may be at the same time as stable, lightweight, unbreakable and still relatively inexpensive. The formal range includes colorful lamp shades, which can be hung from tree branches, all types of ground or floor lamps as well as large, floating forms that are glowing from the inside. There are illuminated chairs and tables, which are so stable, that they are suitable for seating as well as side tables. When using LED lights, not only does this lower your power costs, but it also considerably increases the possibilities for their use: battery powered light furniture can be placed anywhere in your garden or home for a party. On top of this offer LED’s the possibility to let the object shine in all colors. Even remote-controlled color changes are possible. The satin matte plastic surfaces are durable, UV resistant and easily washable - and most importantly they scatter the light in such a way that one inevitably thinks the whole furniture would glow from its interior. Apart from chairs, bar tables shining from the inside or seats – for example in the form of a ring, which can be placed around one of your trees - there are also radiant planting troughs, floor lamps in various forms, or a garden object called "Peacock". You can create a Peacock wheel by outfitting it with palm like plants. But don’t forget to water it, or otherwise the splendor will end too quickly. Shining light bed The artificial tip of the iceberg, however, is the illuminated "daybed" by Spanish designer Ramon Esteve: A roof can be unfolded to serve as an umbrella on top of a hexagonal deck, just as in an oyster. The capsule could also remind you of a Crystal or an object from an older spaceship. In the daybed itself, you can use the usual electronic communications connections. Modern surround sound provides the right music to relax. However, the optical effect can only be enjoyed after sunset, when the base of the sun bed begins to glow gently in the dark. Daybed by Vondom This bed is being illuminated in the evening. Inside, the hexagonal bed is equipped with a modern surround sound system.
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