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Lights that Line Penny Lane - Retro Lighting’s Appeal

Lights that Line Penny Lane - Retro Lighting’s Appeal

The Beatles sang: In Penny Lane there is a barber showing photographs ...

Of every head he's had the pleasure to know ...

And all the people that come and go ... Stop and say hello! Do you walk Penny Lane in your mind? Do you shuffle through memories of bell-bottoms, incense, Woodstock, free love and psychedelic rock? Or are your avenues lined with martini clinching, Camel inhaling Mad Men and Twiggy-like women donning Chanel suits, big buckles, bright colors and bouffant hair? All reference to the 60’s, these cultural images and styles seem to rise repeatedly in popularity and fashion cycles. As always, reminiscence and design flow together. What illuminates your stroll through generations and time? Retro lighting is in big demand! The post modern past lives again and can be found at Interior-Deluxe. Celebrate pop fashion in your lighting! Let halls and walls rekindle funky modes once passé!  Choose nice bright colors and greens of summer… don’t take that Kodachrome away!  A must see is the Striscia wall sconce from Modoluce. Cosmopolitan, vogue and beautiful, this piece is available in a range of hip, punchy colors and pays tribute to design liberation.  Conceived in the highest of creativity and quality, the Striscia sconce is offered in red, fuchsia, gold, frost, blue and black. You've come a long way baby and so has lighting. Flower power lives! Can you dig it? Check out the Flowerpot Big pendant light from &Tradition. Made from aluminum and finished with lacquer, this flower is an annual with real groove, man!  Hang out at home with this far-out lamp overhead. In a kitchen or work area, this fixture will inspire your dreams. Flower power, man! As if from an old Hollywood starlet's dressing room, the Hilton floor lamp  by Almerich is all about vintage glam!  Perfect as an accent light in a bedroom, lounging area or living room, the red or black lacquered base comes with a black, red or fabric shade.  Once the rage, stamped patterns of vines and leaves are back! Savvy and enduring, the marriage of glass and chrome continues! There’s always a home for balanced, artistic, bubble glass matched with stylish metal. The Double 5000-376 chandelier defines this look. Halogen bulbs make for ideal energy efficiency and eco friendliness. This fixture jives with the beauty of planet earth. Peace, man! For endless lighting options in retro style, visit or contact our showroom.
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