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Lighting Your Window to the World

Lighting Your Window to the World

Tiny little spaces Have tiny little places Where the sun should shine Special nooks Where special crooks Air under the warmth of time As a day does greet To make your world complete How do you light your morn? Up with the shade Dawns a new way To live your life reborn! Windowboard lighting …a category unto its own. Who would’a thunk it? Remember those precarious but obvious little ledges that demand something from you? But what? An apple? A candle? Some scattered tchotchke? Some swag, gewgaw, knickknack, thingamajig or kitsch? No! That space is a special place and an opportunity to add style, light and design to your rooms and days! Smart lighting designers know this. To prove it, take a look at what Interior-Deluxe can bring to those begging windowed ridges. Santa & Cole has got this down! Take a look at the Cesta table lamp, the Basica Minima table lamp, the Moragas table lamp and the Basica table lamp. Magical, with an inner beaming glow, the Cesta table lamp is constructed of warm cherry wood. Small scale to fit on shelves and sills, it’s dimmable at moon rise for continuous ambiance. Perfect for secluded light points is the Basica Minima table lamp. Bedside tables and windowed retreats rejoice under its subtle rays. Contemporary and sleek, the Moragas lamp combines form, wood, texture and ingenuity to provide a play of shadow and light. Through it, atmospheric mood is perched and ignited. As a Santa & Cole style delegate, the Basica table lamp offers the tandem diplomacy of fundamentality and brilliance. Cordial, traditional and simple, this fixture is never a miss. To learn more about windowboard lighting ideas, contact or visit Interior-Deluxe!
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