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Light Your Hearth and Heart with Pendant Fixtures

Light Your Hearth and Heart with Pendant Fixtures

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It's there that you meld many activities into one space; food preparation, cooking, socializing and sometimes study. Kitchens are comfort zones. How do you properly evoke spatial ease? De "pend" on pendants! Check out our kitchen lighting. Consider the layers of your kitchen floor plan to understand a certain zoning. Utilize lighting according to area tasks or to spotlight seating and decor. Pendant lights are perfect for this. To brighten kitchen work space such as an island or bar, a current trend is to form rows over this area with mini pendant lighting. Another idea for focal illumination is to place one large pendant over the centered prep or entertainment space. Any taste or personal preference can be matched, as pendant styles are vast, from whimsical to stream line, from industrial to traditional and even highly contemporary. Kitchen intimacy is easily created over a breakfast nook or smaller eating area by suspending 3 lesser sized pendant fixtures, varying the height for increased attraction. You can also hang one medium sized pendant over this setting to augment color or warmth. Placing lights strategically fashions intervals within space, generating interest and inviting your guests. To further enhance kitchen ambiance and in coordination with pendant lighting, use under-cabinet lamps with dimmers to highlight counter-tops, backsplash and flooring. This lighting complements established zoning and provides added flexibility to the room. Track lighting is of course the answer to overhead focus. Fill spatial gaps with track light or direct lighting on collectibles or shelving featured above and around cabinetry. For a big feast or party, brighten your kitchen by raising versatile track dimmers. Energy efficient track lights are growing in popularity and easily located through better showrooms like Interior-Deluxe. Ovens and cook tops require washed task light which can be created using flexible, focused fixtures, be they track, recessed or under-cabinet. For more about kitchen lighting please visit our kitchen lighting section in our store.
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