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Light Up Your Space With These Luxury Lighting Brands

Lighting is the heartbeat of a luxurious space. Luxury lighting brands have one thing in common: a dazzling collection of signature light fittings that effortlessly elevate the room.

More than a finishing touch, lighting is a catalyst that enhances all the elements in a room, bringing them to life. You can design a room to perfection, but without the right lights, it will fall short of the effect you want to create.

Be inspired to new heights of creativity as we highlight some of our favorite luxury lighting tips and brands.

What is Luxury Lighting?

The definition of luxury is to create a state of comfort and elegance, especially at great expense. Luxury lighting solutions are elegant, timeless, and not limited by their function.

Using light to create a sense of luxury is more than just buying expensive lighting fixtures, but rather a considered layering of light sources in each room to create the effect you desire.

Understated opulence characterizes luxury lighting that is timeless and will withstand changing fads and fashions. 

What Creates a Sense of Luxury?

Sometimes, luxury demands a glittering chandelier; yet other times, something simple will do. Trust your instincts. Choose pieces for each room that will suit the nature and purpose of the room.

When it comes to lighting, create luxury through a seamless marriage of five basic elements that work together to create an effect that is effortlessly rich and regal. 

The Style Element

Some styles are traditionally luxe due to the rich detailing and finishes that are innate to that style, such are Gothic, historic Rococo style, or Art Deco. Does this mean you're limited to an old-fashioned feel if you want luxury?  Not at all. Cleaner, modern lines can achieve a luxurious feel too, if done right. 

More Than Mere Functionality: Lighting As Art 

A unique, beautifully crafted light fitting is a statement piece that exudes luxury. With the caliber of luxury designers we have access to, all working to create breathtaking original works, there is bound to be something that fits the feel you're looking for.

Modern designers are pushing the boundaries of functionality to create light fittings that can hold their own as works of art. Art is no longer limited to paint on a canvas. What better paint is there than light itself?   

Light Fixture Luxury Finishes

Often overlooked, the right material and finish on a light fitting can elevate it. To create the feel of luxury, finishes are all important. Here are some options that will take a fixture up a level:


Light fixtures come in a variety of metals, such as bronze, brass, copper, aluminum, wrought iron, steel, and stainless steel. Designers treat or polish metal to create a specific look, such as:

  • Antique
  • Polished
  • Brushed 
  • Hammered
  • Satin


The glass used in your light fixture will also affect whether your light comes across as a regular light, or something unique. You can choose glass light fixtures that are:

  • Translucent
  • Hazy
  • Smoky
  • Opaque
  • Textured
  • Sandblasted
  • Frosted

Luxury Scale 

Luxury pushes the boundaries of conventional size. Oversized statement pieces are easily the focal point of a well-dressed room. Dressed in a grandeur of their own, they command attention and lend an air of sophistication to the room.


Much like glittering diamonds speak of exclusivity, a light-fitting that catches the light and playfully throws it back into the room dressed in rainbows is nothing short of magical. Sparkles mean delightful decadence.

Creating Luxurious Lighting Effects

Chandeliers aren't the only way to introduce luxury into a room. Strategically positioned, smaller lights can create moods in the light quality of a room that lend a sense of sumptuousness.

Light Focus: Spotlight Effect

Using spotlights creates a concentrated pool of light that highlights art, architectural elements, or specific areas of a room. Used carefully, spotlights are a simple, understated way of creating layers of light to transform the room. You can use accent lights, task lighting, or ambient lights to create a spotlight effect.

Light Positioning: Wall Washing

Luxurious living spaces are often large. If you’re working with a smaller space, you can use light to create the illusion of a bigger room. Place strip lights or vertical beams in the corners of the room. This is a simple trick that fools the eye into believing that the room is bigger than it actually is.

Light Texture: Wall Grazing

Similar to wall washing, wall grazing is a technique that is used to highlight the texture of a feature. Place lights directly next to the object with the texture you want to call attention to.  

Light Direction: Upward Lighting 

Traditionally, lights are installed to face down. Even basic lampshades are wider at the bottom and allow most of the light out that way. 

Directing lights upward causes the light to shine on the ceiling and bounce down to fill the room with a warm, soft glow. Upward lighting softens the quality of the light and creates a sophisticated ambiance.

Luxury Home Lighting Tips

Creating luxury by using lighting means different things for different areas in your home. The purpose and function of the room will determine how you make your lighting work for you in the space.

The Foyer: Welcome in Style

First impressions matter. In most larger homes, the foyer will be the first thing a guest sees when you welcome them. The lighting that you choose in the foyer will be a taste of the design that they'll be treated to throughout the rest of the house.

When choosing a chandelier for the foyer, make sure you get the size and scale right. Something too small will look lost and detract from the sense of grandeur that it should have.

Living Room: Dress to Impress

This is your opportunity to go big and bold. If you’re looking for a place to put in a sparkling chandelier, your living room is a great option. This is where you’ll be entertaining guests, having parties, and impressing your friends. Give them something to talk about.

Choosing a chandelier can be as simple as going with the one that catches your eye, but keep in mind that the style should suit the aesthetic of the room. Is your room contemporary? Avoid a vintage chandelier. Find the balance between appropriate, yet unique and breathtaking.

When choosing a light fixture, keep all the activities of the room in mind and make sure you get lighting that can adapt. A fixture that can dim is a clever choice. If it’s also a place for watching, buy a fixture that’s dimmable.

Dining Room: Keep it Cozy

Your focus lighting feature in the dining room is the central fixture above the dining room table.  Pendant lights offer a diverse range of sizes and shapes to suit your space. To create an intimate feel, layer lighting throughout the room. You might need to add task lighting, some general-purpose lighting, and accent lights at the dessert table or bar.

Bedrooms: Moody and Relaxing

Mood lights create a warm, relaxing glow. Just what you need in a bedroom! Create a mood by using table lamps, wall sconces, central pendants, or twin hanging pendants on either side of the bed.

To add a touch of luxury, choose unique lights or those with luxe finishes such as warm gold. You can even get away with mixing the gold with other metallic finishes such as chrome or nickel.  

Bathrooms: Functional but Exquisite

Lighting for a luxurious bathroom is both functional and subdued. Discreetly back-lit mirrors are both stylish and practical. Wall-mounted accent lights or sconces create a soothing glow without being harsh. Pendant lights over the bath add a touch of drama.

Choose lighting near the mirror or vanity cupboard carefully. You want to use something that won't throw shadows on the face or head of the person grooming. 

Last note on bathroom lights: make sure the lights you choose are safe to use around damp or wet areas.

Outdoors: Classy and Inviting

On hot summer evenings, outdoors is the best place to entertain. Lighting your outdoor area in the right way will extend the sophistication you’ve established in your home, creating your own private paradise beyond your back door. Here are some ideas to use light to create outdoor opulence.

Choose Modern Shapes

Simply choosing lights with modern shapes will transform your outdoor lighting into something special. 

Moroccan-style Lanterns

Choosing outdoor lanterns with lattice-type cutouts throw patterned shadows that add interest and intricacy. 

Outdoor Pendant Lights

Dining al fresco under the glow of outdoor pendant lights adds a bit of magic to a meal under the stars.

Solar-Powered Rock Lights

These little beauties blend into the garden and go unnoticed during the day, but at night they’ll provide visual appeal by illuminating trees or flower beds. 

Strip Lighting for Stairs

Use LED strip lighting underneath the overhang of stairs to down-light them at night. Light up walkways with strip lights.

Install Wall Lights

The right wall lights are both practical for security and aesthetics. Choose between a motion-powered light or one with a switch inside.

Quick Reference: Do's And Don’ts of Lighting

When planning lighting for a room, pay careful attention to these simple do's and don'ts to help you get the best effect.

The Do’s

Do keep in mind what the room will be used for and what furniture you’re planning to put in it. Are there areas that will need functional lighting or a statement piece?

Do integrate a dimmer system in your lighting installation. Responsive lighting is a game-changer.

Do think about how the rooms relate to each other when you design your lighting. It’s good to avoid sudden shifts from dark to light, which can be disorientating and cause eye strain.

Do mount wall lights on short walls instead of long ones. This helps to balance the space and draw focus away from the longer walls.

Do check the lining of a lampshade. The color and thickness of the lining will alter the light emitted. You can use this to great effect if you plan for it.

Do choose wattage that will suit the purpose of the light. For mood lighting, stick to a 40-watt bulb, nothing more.

Do decide if you want warm or white light bulbs.

Do use a diffuser to conceal a naked light bulb.

The Don’ts

Don’t rely on one central light source to light your rooms. Layer your lighting with multiple lights to avoid unsightly shadows.

Don’t under plan the number of power outlets you'll need. Relying on extension cords as a permanent solution for powering your lamps looks ugly. Apart from aesthetics, it’s not safe and can be a fire hazard.

Don’t leave wires out in plain sight. It looks untidy and will detract from the impact of your carefully designed interior.

Luxury Lighting Design Brands

For those unique pieces that will set the tone of a room, look no further. We've curated a luxury lighting brands list for you.


Moooi is the design brainchild of Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers. They started out to create a legendary brand over 20 years ago and are still driven by curiosity and the desire to create unique concepts and designs.

The name, Moooi, is derived from the Dutch word, 'mooi', which means beautiful. They threw in an extra 'o' as an indication of their intention to infuse extra loveliness into their designs.

Moooi's mission is to seduce the world with innovative, breathtaking designs that define spaces. Their collection is described as rebellious, yet sophisticated, born out of creativity that is original and eclectic. A case in point is this quirky, yet thoroughly classy Perch Tree Light Chandelier, which is ideal for a sophisticate with a humorous streak. 

The freshness of their work comes from a determination not to dictate to their designers, but rather to listen to what they want to create, and help them to achieve that. They embrace both industry professionals and new talent, which creates a fusion of ideas that sets their work apart and marries commercial reality with cultural interest. 

The exquisite Heracleum The Big O Chandelier is a fine example of their modern innovation and chic design. A worthy statement piece, it has a copper or nickel finish.


Delightfull designers draw inspiration from the '40s, '50s, '60s, and '70s. Revival is their buzzword, as they’re all about reviving design and art from that era. They create classic lamps that are flavored with modern finishes and materials. A vintage light for a modern space, Delightfull's Hanna 41 Pendant Light is an elegant blend of aluminum and brass, created by hand using an ancient technique called hand metal spinning.

Captured by the charisma of the mid-century, this dynamic brand has a young creative team who pride themselves on anticipating and setting trends.

Immerse yourself in the mid-century world, and discover their unique twist on classic designs. You can almost hear the jazz bands of the '70s in this delightful Botti Floor Light, with its unique brass spotlights, covered in a gentle gold mantle.

Inspirational designers, travels, and mid-century styles come together in a beautiful cohesion of spirit and a timeless world.


Terzani was born in Florence, Italy, and the company has sought to embrace the creativity of the cradle of the Renaissance.  Terzani designs are a celebration of modern, artistic beauty. The shapes are inspired by nature, such as this pendant light I Lucci Argentati N80S, which represents a school of fish darting through the water.  The starting point that defines a Terzani lighting fixture is always a feeling.

Terzani designs are by nature elegant and sophisticated, innovative and original. Terzani combines cutting-edge technology with hand-crafted materials, using the skills of local artisans.

Each light becomes part of its surroundings, engaging the area in a playful banter of light and reflection, like their Doodle Horizontal Pendant Light, inspired by life's twists and turns. Sculpture, motion, light, and shadow all come together in each piece that puts them in a place where design meets art and luxury.

Terzani pieces radiate harmony born out of the loving process of being carved and created by hand. They balance the beauty of the contemporary world with tradition and the search for new ways to communicate.


As a passionate collector of antiques, Theo Eichholtz spent years traveling to shops and antique markets all over the world looking for unique pieces. Eichholtz was born out of his fascination with Chinese colonial furniture found in Asia in the 1990s.

Since then, Eichholtz has become well-known across the world as a go-to wholesaler of luxury furniture, lighting, and accessories. The departure point for all Eicholtz designs is the human needs of security, privacy, comfort, and aesthetic satisfaction. Many of the designs are modern interpretations of the antiques that began the legacy, such as the Hildebrandt S Chandelier with its vintage brass finish.

Their lighting range boasts a wide selection that will have something to suit any luxury home, from the Art Deco style Dorrell Floor Lamp, a glamorous uplighter with a nickel finish, to ceiling lights and chandeliers.

Pieter Adam 

The Pieter Adam Collection is synonymous with contemporary exclusivity and style. Their line of exquisite lighting was born out of a desire to offer an alternative to the trendy, temporary, mass-produced items available.

With a strong focus on quality and durability, they set out to create a new, exclusive line that drew on the expertise of highly skilled craftsmen. Inspired by nature, Adam’s Le Soleil design echoes the warm light of a radiant sun.

Drawing on their relationships with bronze founders, granite refiners, glass blowers, and silk weavers, they are able to offer special limited-edition pieces. A perfect example of this is the Twiggy Chandelier, based on "nature's purest grace." The organic twig shapes are brass, while the glass is mouthblown.

Perfection permeates every part of a Pieter Adam piece, with assembly happening under careful scrutiny until each piece is ready to become a showpiece in someone's home.


Schuller established their design business in Spain over 49 years ago as a lamp and light-fitting manufacturer by Richard W. Schuller.  A few years later, he created a furniture manufacturing company. 

Schuller creates their own designs and presents a unique interpretation of home decoration, like the whimsical Nova 15 Light Suspension, with its shimmered glass shade, crystal drops, and metal and chrome finish.

Not limited to one style, their designs offer a range of choices for the discerning designer. From the eclectic to conservative, classical designs, they have established themselves as a light luxury brand.

Opposite to the Nova 15 Light Suspension is the Limus LED suspension with its clean, angular lines and chrome finish.

Their reputation for high quality and exquisite designs has opened doors for them internationally, and they've become one of the world's top international luxury lighting brands. They export their creations to over 50 different countries.

Luxury Lighting Brands at Your Fingertips

With so many luxurious lighting brands producing top-class ranges, creating the aesthetic and ambiance that you desire is simpler than ever. Your only struggle will be to choose from all the options. We are here to help you make those tough choices and to help with all your design and lighting needs.

If you're ready to find the perfect statement piece, pick out accent lighting, or need advice, give our toll-free number a call today at 1-866-477-1345 or worldwide: +1-727-940-5812.

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