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Light festivals dazzling, luminous spectacles

Light festivals dazzling, luminous spectacles

The Luminale in Frankfurt is just one of the great events around the theme of light art. Be enchanted by the creative lighting designers of the world and immerse in the fascination. When during New Year's Eve night all heads look up in astonishment and admire the fireworks, it becomes clear what kind of fascination such colorful lights exert on us humans. The minutes, in which the light enchants the night sky, are indeed too short to enjoy the lighting effects in all their glory. Therefore, it would be nice if you could press the pause button, sit up and enjoy the spectacle in all its glory for a little while longer. Vivid Sydney The landmark of Sydney, the world-renowned opera, is being illuminated with various colorful light scenarios during Vivid Sydney And this is where they the light festivals around the globe come in. Here, the fascination of light is played with. Known objects are transferred into a surreal world via lighting. Elaborate productions show cities in a new light. Here, the visitor has time to enjoy the lighting effects extensively. Astonished looks, cheering masses and dreamy couples line the route, while the light artists show us how light can beautify our world. Every second spring: Luminale in Frankfurt Every two years the exhibition Light & Building takes place in Frankfurt. When the light industry meets from March 30 to April 4, a spectacular program is offered in the evening hours via the Luminale. The "Bienalle of the lighting culture" is a welcome change from the commercial trade fair and not only for visitors. It is a creative boon for everyone who likes to be enchanted by an artful lighting spectacle. Old Opera The Old Opera in Frankfurt during the last Luminale Light artist from all over the world immerse the banking metropolis in a shiny glow of light and colors. None of the well-known city features resemble their usual images at that time. This year the studio Sounds of Silence created something extra special: spectacular shadow plays to convert the Nextower into the emblem of this year's Luminale. Visitors can become active themselves by projecting shadows on the tower. In addition to the already traditional Luminale venues, such as the stock exchange, the Hauptwache, the Romans or the Palm Garden, the central focus should be the illumination of the main city area as well during this year’s Luminale. A new bridge illumination in the East of the city at the foot of the new EZB Tower will expand the city in the direction of Offenbach where many more Luminale events can be expected. A hotspot of this year's Luminale is Frankfurt's East port. The winner of the may Mainova contest, the architect and urban planner Professor Jochen Siegemund from Cologne, will highlight the transformation substation with a three-dimensional light installation. Blue and red light strips made out of energy-saving LED's along with a grey corrugated sheet facade should symbolize the energy flows into the power grid. Brandenburg Gate wrapped in light: Festival of lights in Berlin But not only Frankfurt offers a spectacular festival of light. The German capital city Berlin also offers a top-class light spectacle every year. The Reichstag is being immersed via light and lighting installation in a decorative sea of colors at the festival of lights, and many more landmarks and attractions are brought into a new light. It is almost a no-brainer that the Brandenburg Gate will be part of the spectacle as well. Brandenburg Gate The Brandenburg Gate was illuminated in rainbow colors during the last Festival of Lights In addition to numerous illuminations, numerous events, adventure tours, as well as various types of displays, the visitor is invited to the confrontation with the fascination of light. These include among others the comprehensive "LightSeeing"-program, "Night of open doors", "Jazz in the gardens of the Minister", more music events as well as various "show cases" and actions related to light and video art. Berlin is certainly always worth a visit, but during the ten nights in October, it provides a special shine you definitely should not miss. Canal cruise and old city tours: Light Festival in Amsterdam Compared with most of the other festivals the Amsterdam Light Festival is the fledgling of the international light festivals. When Henk Jan Buchel and Vincent Horbach organized the first installation on Christmas Eve 2009, they were aware that the light display would turn the city into a winter wonderland. Based on this idea an over fifty days ongoing festival of light developed over the following years, which will already be held for the third time during the winter of 2014/2015. Amsterdam's unique infrastructure offers different ways with regards to the unique experience of this fairy tale. Temporal Tower Modern Lighthouse:The Temporal Tower beaming in the evening light during the Amsterdam Light Festival You have a choice between a cruise through the canals and a stroll through the winding streets of the old town. Both offer a special experience and allows you to soak up the magic of the Christmas spirit in itself. Even those who are familiar with the city of Amsterdam and believe they have already seen everything will be surprised what the city and its inhabitants have to offer during the visit of the festival of lights. Traditional festival of lights: The Fête des Lumières in Lyon The Fête des Luminaires might be the "originator" of the European festivals of light. It has its origins in 1852, when the inhabitants of Lyons celebrated the restoration of the ancient Bell Tower of the chapel in Fourvière with thousands of lights and candles. Entirely keeping up with this tradition, the Festival is cosponsored by the inhabitants even as of today. Because not only artists and light decorators let Lyon shine in a new light. The inhabitants of Lyons actively participate in the festival and are part of the great illumination by lighting a candle each. But the pros have their playground here as well, since during the Recontres de la Lumière light aficionados from all over the world meet and exchange information about how the nocturnal city image can be brought to life by lighting. Music and light: Vivid Light in Sydney Two festival themes are skillfully combined at the Vivid Sydney: what is being offered here with regards to music and light shows is most likely unique and justifies the slightly more elaborate travel time. None other than Ignatius Jones, who participated among others in the planning of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in 2000 and partially designed the Expo in Shanghai in 2010, is the creative director that is responsible. All installations are centrally coordinated and merge into one harmonious ensemble. Walsh Bay Sidney Vivid Sydney offers a colorful sea of lights during the light and music festival But the Vivid Light is not only a strictly organized celebration for passive viewers. The visitors are quickly infected and become part of this music and light festival through interaction. Because the spark of fascination gets ignited faster than one might expect, and so you not only feel pleasingly enchanted but passionately seduced. Those of you who ever wanted to visit Australia should mark the end of May to the beginning of June brightly in your calendar. Of course, it requires a certain effort to travel to another city or even another country for a festival of lights. But who knows – maybe one of your next vacations can be scheduled around one of these events. It will be worth in any case, because you have to experience the dazzling festivals live, since no picture and also no TV, no matter how brilliant, helps to experience the fascination. The fascination of light is very difficult to catch. And if each of the installation is accompanied by appropriate sounds, our senses are thoroughly enchanted. But there is an increased danger of infection and even the danger of addiction. Light enchants so intensively that you won't want to miss it again. But there is fortunately a soothing therapy available: your own four walls. There you can stage your very own light show - maybe not quite as colorful and variable, but just as beautiful. We wish you a lot of fun!
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