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Life Imitates Art With The Return Of Art Deco

Life Imitates Art With The Return Of Art Deco

Recently, the movie re-boot of the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald book, The Great Gatsby opened in theaters. Leading up to its much anticipated release, designers and shelter magazines have been buzzing about the Jazz Age and the fashion of the times. Defined as the time period between post World War I and the stock market crash of 1929, the Jazz Age was signified by an increase in prosperity, and hedonistic social behavior, due in large part to Prohibition. The Jazz Age ushered in the beginning of the Modernist movement, and the birth of Art Deco. Naturally, the movie set features these design themes and leaves everyone wanting a touch of it for their own homes.
Art deco modern lighting
Judging by this image it's not hard to understand the allure, is it?

Art Deco Lighting Options

The good news is that the looks inspired by 1920's glamour are attainable, at a variety of price points. Whether you are looking for a little glitz, a lot glam, or a nod to Art Deco lighting, has the perfect lighting for your home. From wall sconces, chandeliers, pendants and table lamps shop our store to find exactly what you're looking for.
Rain Chandelier by Anthologie Quartett
crystal chandelier crystal pendant lighting
gold crystal luxury chandelier
stunning luxury crystal chandelier contemporary table lamp Ready to give your home an upgrade? The right lighting is a must. Lighting creates the right atmosphere and pulls all your other design elements together. Let us help.
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