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Let's Table It! Lighting the Side Table

Let's Table It! Lighting the Side Table

When it comes to lighting, what are you bringing to the table? Apparel fashions always dominate home design trends. This year follow Milan and be dramatic when choosing table lamps. Get vibrant, flashy or go au naturale. Just make sure the table next to you shines the light on a visually strong idea. Tell a story! Lift your skirt! Use tabletops, desks or accent furnishings to spotlight your personality! Beside you is a stage! For 2012, big and bold is way in! Strut your style with "size-y" lamp bases that are round, soaring or sculptural. They work marvellously when featured as room focal points, offering both geometry and balance. On lookers will be captivated by the fluid grace of the Vaso table lamp by AVMezzega. Or bring Mother Nature indoors through more organic materials like aged wood or stone. These textures facilitate fixture interest and emotive ease. See the Lighthouse table lamp by Luz Diffusion. Paris runways celebrated color this year, so should you! Make your console a catwalk for splashy, bright light! Accent tables with teals, deep cobalts, purples and lavenders or choose shimmering base and shade treatments to show your individual brilliance! If you like tangerine, you’re in! It’s THE palette pop star now!  Lighten and liven room warmth with spicy oranges fresh from the tropics. Find fixtures with balmy, kind, cosy hues that raise your core with “feel good” vibes. Don’t worry; nourish happiness with color’s fruit! Accolades await your fashionable flavor! Check out the Twiggy table lamp by Foscarini. Feeling more reflective? Good! It’s another mode of the day!  Echo vogue sentiment through lighting. Clear glass and mirrored lamps repeat and extend design choices through tint and texture duplication. Visual interest is broadened, but poses no competition to surrounding colors and shapes. An unobstructed design scape is created. Small spaces? They truly rejoice in the new spatial illusion and heightened retro glam. See the Atelier table lamp by Gallery. Perhaps your taste is found in the craze for metallic applications, also a popular 2012 lighting style. Industrial and brash, metalled tones of silver and gold frequent many of this year’s modern fixtures. Alluring and noticeable, metals offer room impact – especially when opposed with soft fabrics and pale walls. Don't miss the York table lamp by EviStyle. Have you fallen into a fad not yet mentioned? Customize your lighting! Add uniquely personalized qualities to your fixtures. Hand created trims, ribbons, embellishments, appliqués, tokens and special finishes make for one-of-a-kind looks. Changing out a simple finial or shade can dramatically alter the character of a lamp to make a highly original statement. Rock home fashion critics all by yourself! There are no limits! Check out salvage showrooms, hardware boutiques and vintage shops. Wear the world loosely – but dress your tables with show stopping light! For more information on contemporary table lamps, contact us or visit our showroom.
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