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Ideas for LED Hallway Lights

Ideas for LED Hallway Lights

When people think of their lighting, they often think of specific rooms and outdoor spaces. They imagine the best way to create their preferred atmosphere in their bedrooms. They picture their next summer barbeque on their deck, illuminated by fairy lights.

If there's any place that people often neglect when considering lighting, it's usually the hallway. In these spaces, people are often content to flip a switch and turn on whatever lights were there when they bought the house. 

However, you have options with your hallway lights. In particular, LED hallway lights can help brighten up your home décor! We'll examine some stylish and decorative ways to bring your hallway to life down below.

Determine What LED Lights You Want

Before you begin decorating your hallway with lighting upgrades, take a few minutes to consider what kind of LED lighting options you'd prefer. LED lights come in a range of styles and colors. Each of these contributes a different feeling to your home design. 

When considering color, understand that companies use the Kelvin scale to describe light appearance. If your LED light has a warm, yellow-white glow, it has a lower degrees Kelvin measurement. In contrast, blue-white lights derive from warmer Kelvin temperatures. 

Another thing to know is that LED lights don't use watts to measure brightness. Instead, they use the Lumen (lm) rating, which explains how much light a bulb radiates. This rating gives you an accurate comparison to measure LED brightness against their incandescent counterparts. 

Many homeowners love the energy savings that LED lights can bring as well. They have much higher energy efficiency than incandescent bulbs, allowing you to save on electricity in the long run. 

Now, let's move on to discussing design and decorative options! We've provided several design ideas you're sure to love.

Find LED Hallway Lights With a Design Twist

One popular LED design for hallways involves using mini flush mount fixtures that feature unusual and bold designs. These designs work wonderfully in more modern settings, helping to offset other modern touches. 

To get the best aesthetic results, we recommend using mount fixtures with a contrasting color. It helps draw attention to the lighting while also complementing your overall design. Another fun option is to install them in a semi-random way down the length of the hallway.

Add Flush Mount Lights For a Brighter Look

Adding a line of flush mount lights down the length of your hallway creates a vivid, cheerful look. These lights often come with various additions, such as dimming capabilities. These can help you save energy and adjust the mood of your space. 

We recommend installing these lights over spaces with hardwood flooring rather than carpeted areas. LED lights reflect off the hardwood, adding extra brightness and cheerfulness. This effect is enhanced if you use more blue-white LED lights. 

Add a Little Enchantment To Hallway Arches

Few things can rival the beauty of an outdoor hallway with several stone arches. It can give several looks to an outdoor space, emulating Spanish Caribbean architecture or the stone walls used throughout Ireland. 

However, with LED lighting options, you can improve even these beautiful places. One of the most beautiful ways to do this is by adding suspended fixtures to the center of your archways. These suspended balls of light add a sense of serenity to your home.

Moreover, these lights help further illuminate your outdoor space. If you have a pool near these arches, they can create the perfect look for a relaxing night swim. 

Use Interior Lighting to Add Continuity

This strategy suits a particular type of arrangement in your home. If you have a sitting room that seamlessly transitions into a hallway, consider installing the same kind of LED lights in each.

This approach helps to create a unifying effect between the two, adding a sense of continuity. For a modern touch, consider using flush mount lights once again. These lights have several stylish options that could suit sitting areas and hallways alike. 

Using Lighting for Additional Safety

Another option for interior lighting is to use it for additional safety. In most cases, people choose to go this route with entryways that open into stairways. These spaces need extra light to prevent accidental injuries, especially at night. 

In such cases, ambient LED lights provide a solution! At the broadest portion of your hallway, install a semi-flush mount fixture. This fixture offers an abundance of light at the widest part of the hallway. 

To add to this additional light, install several smaller light fixtures of the same style down the hallway's length. This touch adds cohesive lighting to your design while also incorporating an aesthetic touch. 

Aim For a Cool and Colorful Look

While the above section looks excellent in many entryways, it's not a style for everybody. If you prefer to add a vibrant aesthetic, consider pairing a flush mount light with a colorful entranceway. 

To achieve the most stunning look, use a warm-colored light fixture in a room with many softer colors. Offset that warm light with a black light fixture, and you'll have a beautiful space! 

Adding a Personal Bubble

Another entranceway lighting option takes a more minimalist route. Instead of adding several light fixtures, install a white bubble pendant light. It provides extensive illumination in this space while not looking too obnoxious. 

You can make this entranceway look heavenly by adding it to an area with lighter colors. White walls and fair-colored hardwood floors are a perfect complement to your light.

Find Your LED Lighting Choice Today!

As you can see, you can achieve several varied looks by using LED hallway lights. The only question now is, which look best suits your home?

To find the answer to this question, start searching for the perfect LED lights today. We at Interior Deluxe provide a broad selection of LED lighting options. Search our selection today to find the ideal lights for your home!

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