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How’s it Hanging? Measuring for Proper Light

How’s it Hanging? Measuring for Proper Light

Sometimes it’s hard to hang stuff… especially light fixtures! You've put on your overalls and found the drill. You've got the ladder and the "stud" finder, lucky you!  You've sharpened your pencil and wet your whistle in preparation for the lengthy task at hand. You begin. You stare at your wall, fixated in concentrated deciphering. You eye the sofa, the mirror, the window and even the dog. You consider perspectives, eye-view, natural lighting, room layout, room color and even your Mother in-law's opinion. (Which you don't appreciate.) You spend hours planning, thinking, measuring, hanging, evaluating, rethinking and then repositioning again. There's a pencil mark here, a pencil mark there and a big, gaping, mistake of a hole here! You scratch your head and know if you’re not careful, you could ruin the wall! Uh-oh! Where's the spackle and touch-up paint? Do you need an electrician? Somebody call the Hole in the Wall Gang! Or maybe Cool Hand Luke?  Nah... don't hang it up! Follow these tips: Let’s use sconces as an example. If your room has a standard height of eight feet, professionals generally suggest hanging wall lighting at six feet. For the most satisfying impact, be sure the top of the bulb isn’t visible. This diminishes any overt light or glare. Of course, make adjustments with respect to personal preferences, other room décor and furnishings. Check out the Ovo wall sconce from B.Lux/Global Lighting. Large scale fixtures are recommended for rooms with higher ceilings. Generally, light/sconce placement should be six feet from the floor for areas nine feet tall or more. Simply determine your measurement starting from the floor to the middle of the light's wire box. (Go to the bottom of the box for even larger lights). See the Lancia wall sconce from Studio Italia Design. Have a special space or nook in want of light? How about a patio or door step? Outside, hang sconces six to eight inches on either side of the door, and 18 inches from the top of the door. Bathroom sconces or hallway fixtures should be hung to complement mirrors and other décor already in place. See the Celia outdoor wall sconce from Hampstead Lighting and the Manhattan wall sconce from Marchetti. Interior-Deluxe represents a huge array of extraordinary lighting for every space and room in your home. Visit or contact us today!
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