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Get creative when lighting for an upscale outdoor gathering

Get creative when lighting for an upscale outdoor gathering

Summer evenings spent outdoors with loved ones can take on the elegant atmosphere of a five-star resort on your own property. You can set any kind of mood you desire by taking into consideration what kind of lighting options fit your outdoor space and reflect your personal style.

Instead of harsh lights blanketing from above, create the opportunity for more intimate encounters outside by dispersing floor lamps throughout the grounds. Not just for indoors, sturdy designs for any environment are available for many different kinds of gatherings.

Elongated shades akin to Japanese lanterns or glowing orbs can provide warmer, softer lighting for a relaxed summer evening, creating constellations of delicate light throughout an outdoor space. By using a variety of sizes, these fixtures illuminate while also creating a human-scale art exhibit for you and your guests to interact around.

Large floor lamps that resemble traditional indoor models also provide more focused lighting during outdoor meals. Lamps that arch to hang above seating areas or larger patio tables have the ability to bring the indoors out by illuminating the delicious food and drink without bringing the party in from the beautiful night.

Outdoor floor lamps also provide the opportunity to illuminate paths in exciting ways. Impressive glowing designs provide a more consistent and ethereal stroll for guests coming up the way.

Outdoor events can take on many different personalities when you look into the lighting potential outdoor floor lamps give to a backyard. Make your backyard as warm and inviting as the pleasant weather that comes with the summer season.

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