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First Impressions:  An Impactful Entry

First Impressions: An Impactful Entry

Have you ever walked into a home or office and literally felt nor thought anything at all?  This just shouldn't be!  I know that very little time is spent in this area, other than to enter and then to exit; but care should be taken to make this space the absolute best that it can be.  I often speak about how our interiors are storytellers; about how they can give as much insight about us without ever speaking a word!  Well, this is not just true of our homes, but of our businesses as well.  I think of an entry as I do a handshake.  My pet peeve is a limp handshake!  It conveys to me that the person that I'm having the non-pleasure of meeting is either not enthused to meet me or doesn't think very much of me; either way, it is NOT the best first impression at all!  Our entry's, whether home or office, should be welcoming and give the guest a glimpse into what they can expect from their visit with us.  It should tell a story (and a very good one at that)! Slide 1 I have to be honest, I never would have expected this pendant in this entry.  I adore it here!  The light is very industrial, utilitarian; and in a home like this one, I would expect to see something that is more traditional; something a bit more in keeping with the trim and moldings, and architectural details of the home.  That's really what makes this fixture such a great choice; the juxtaposition of styles. Slide 1 I love seeing more than one fixture in a space; especially something as sculptural as the Tratto Chandelier.  When you have a modern environment with clean lines and symmetry with all of the elements, it can be quite striking.  Although, I would caution to do what the designer did in this space, and that is to use furnishings and/or upholstery to soften the look just a bit.  Hmmm, now that I think more about it, I guess it would really depend upon what this is the entry to.  Yes, that would make the difference! Slide 1 Again, such an unexpected lighting selection for this entry that works so well.  A round fixture like the Fil De Fer Pendant complements architectural details like the arches, and forces your eye to take notice of them even more. Slide 1 Whether intentional or not, the lighting fixture of choice here has a balanced rhythm with that of the floor just beneath.  It is subtle, but still makes a very arresting impact in this entry.  The Allegro Vivace Pendant would easily garner the same attention. Slide 1 The spindly appearance of this fixture is by far one of my favorites!  I would love to do the Explosion chandelier in multiples down a long hallway for maximum impact!  How incredibly amazing would that be!  I am wowed by how the designer did a goldleaf treatment on the ceiling that only makes the fixture float and shine that much more! Slide 1 Tulips or trumpets, the Zante chandelier is a work of art!  This lighting fixture would be gorgeous in the entry of a home or office.  Since it does have eighteen lights, it should be hung at an appropriate height and the square footage of the room should definitely be a consideration. Slide 1 I so love the lighting fixture the designer used in this entry!  However, I can't help but think the Tessuti suspension lamp would have been a commanding choice as well.  It would be perfect with the base of the glass table, as well as the painting on the wall. Slide 1 Also another favorite, the capiz pendant.  When lit, it has such a soft glow.  It may be just a tad too feminine for some of the fellas, but what a lovely fixture this is!  If both can't agree on it's place in the entry, then what about the bathroom or closet?  Ahhh, what do you think about that? Slide 1 Can you imagine the illumination of this fixture!  How simply beautiful it would be in the entry of a home or office.  I hope I've given you something to think about when it comes to selecting lighting for your entry's.  As with all of your interior spaces, blur the lines and choose lighting that will first and foremost illuminate the area and secondly make the biggest impact while doing so.  Afterall, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression! Make it AMAZING! Rhonda BL9L Pendant; Tratto Chandelier; Fil De Fer Pendant; Allegro Vivace Pendant; Explosion Chandelier; Zante 18 Lights Chandelier; Tessuti Maxi Suspension Lamp; Fun 1DM Pendant; Niagara Chandelier Image 1; Image 2; Image 3; Image 4; Image 5; Image 6; Image 7; Image 8; Image 9  
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