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Finding, Installing, and Placing the Perfect Hotel Table Lamps

Finding, Installing, and Placing the Perfect Hotel Table Lamps

Looking for some inspiration for your hotel interior design project? As a hotel owner, one of the most exciting yet time-consuming processes of designing a beautiful space for your guests is figuring out where everything goes.

Is the sofa in the way of the bed? Does this table look fine where it is?

Many questions like those arise when designing hotel rooms. But one thing that's often overlooked is lighting. Lighting is a key part of any hotel room because it helps set the mood and keep your customers happy.

In this article, we'll cover how to find, install, and place the best hotel table lamps that'll be sure to keep your customers happy during their stay.

Think About the Design Process

As mentioned previously, hotel lighting is one of the things that often gets overlooked during the design process. This is because many other aspects of a beautiful and comfortable hotel room such as bed quality and sheet color may override the thought of good lighting.

With that in mind, you want to find lighting that does not distract from the overall feel of a room. One of the best things to consider for this is what kind of patrons will be visiting your hotel room. If you believe that your hotel is mostly attracting business workers, you need to make sure the lighting in there is suitable for them to work.

Hotel table lamps can also save up floor space as opposed to floor lamps. They're simple alternatives to the ladder and can actually save you money as well.

Find the Right Mood

Mood is one of the best effects that can come as a result of either good or bad lighting. It's also something you want to think about before setting up hotel table lamps. This is where lamps with adjustable brightness really outshine their competitors.

Adjustable brightness allows customers the ability to change the mood in their room with just a flick of a switch. If it's nighttime right before bed, they'll probably want some type of low light setting to help increase melatonin production.

Set up Contrast

You want to be able to highlight the best parts of your hotel room to increase the customer experience. Perhaps there are some paintings you hung on the wall or a quote painted on the wall. You can use table lamps to highlight that area so the customer's eyes are drawn there.

In line with contrast, also be sure that the lamps are not too close together (if you choose to use more than one). This allows the lighting to be evenly distributed around the room so that no areas are left too bright or too dark. 

However, there is a situation in which you might want to have two lamps next to each other. If the room has two beds, consider giving each side their own mini lamp that isn't too bright. Be sure to balance out the lighting in the rest of the room with floor lamps and other lights.

Consider Cost and Efficiency

Now before you consider even putting in the lights, one thing you need to really consider is the cost of it all. You'll already be paying for so many other bills such as water and gas, so you don't want your energy bill to skyrocket.

One way to prevent this is to use low-cost, energy-efficient lamps such as lamps that use LED light. LED lamps can use anywhere on average from about 30%-80% less energy than traditional lamps. In addition, LED lamps are also safer for the skin since they don't use produce UV rays.

Installation Tips

Once you've discovered what kind of table lamps you want to use, you want to develop a good installation plan. We recommend planning out everything during the day to see how much natural lighting actually affects every room.

Next, you want to make sure that you allow the hotel bedroom to get fully dark and open the blinds to see if the room gets any natural lighting at night. Natural light from the night (from street lamps outside, etc.) can affect a room's mood. However, some people may not even keep their blinds open near the evening, so keep that in mind when deciding on lighting.

You also want to keep in mind ease-of-access when considering where to put your table lamps. If there's a small nightstand near the bed, consider investing in lamps that hang on the wall rather than on the nightstand. The nightstand, if too small, might become crowded if there is a lamp on it.

The table lamps should also be easily reachable from the bed. No one wants to get out of bed and walk halfway across the room just to turn on or turn off a light.

For even better ease of access, some table lamps even come with additional features such as USB plugs for charging and alarm clocks. Remember to keep in mind your budget as well as this might affect the customer experience.

Some Things to Avoid With Hotel Table Lamps

In the end, it's best to get creative with your table lamp design choices. However, here are some quick last-minute don'ts that'll keep the customer experience high. Try to avoid:

  • Using too much variety in design and lighting
  • Placing lamps near flammable objects
  • Not using table lamps just because the natural lighting is good
  • Buying complex table lamps that customers can't figure out quickly

Getting Expert Help

We DO recommend, however, get recommendations from experts in the field. At Interior Deluxe, we know a thing or two about hotel table lamps and how they can affect customer experience. 

We offer a wide variety of different table lamp brands, and can even assist you in finding the right one for you. Go ahead and visit our catalog to see if any of our products pique your interest!

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