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Extra Scandinavian Light

Extra Scandinavian Light

I LOVE lamps. There, I said it. My very first design purchase in my early 20s was also, after major considerations, a beautiful wall lamp that I still have today, a story, I'll share with you guys another time. Since then, my collection of lights has only grown. I live in Copenhagen, where we strive for hygge (that would be best translated into coziness!), and most people collect lamps. They provide a cozy atmosphere while being wonderful works of art in your home. I pleasantly save (and starve) for months to be able to place all the money in that one lamp that just fits that perfect place I have selected to place it.

The Mass NA6 Chandelier from &Traditions designed by Norm Architects

6 months a year we enjoy the amazing natural light from the sun, and as the days just gets shorter and darker we migrate in our living rooms and depend on our many lamps for that perfect coziness.

Gubi BL3

The BL3M floor lamp by Bestlite designed by Robert Dudley Best

With the perfect lamps you also get those perfect Nordic interior decoration that is known and loved throughout the world. Your eyes are drawn to the sculptural chandelier in the middle of the room like an art installation. You don't really need much more than that perfect lamp, a couch and a few cushions and maybe a fireplace to obtain the Nordic look.

Louis Poulsen PH Artichoke pendant lightThe PH Artichoke pendant light from Louis Poulsen designed by Paul Henningsen

Benefit from multiple points of light in the same room as it creates coziness. Remember that your lamps are not only light sources, but also a part of the décor. Buy bulbs that are beautiful in both on and off-mode and make sure that they do not dazzle.
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